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Manchester United: €15m? Deal of the century


So obvious

Football is not rocket science. It’s a simple game complicated by idiots. So when an obvious bargain slaps you across the face, with all the force of a big wet fish, then you would be mad not to pay attention.

He’s probably the best midfielder on the market right now and Manchester United have been reportedly trying all summer snare Arturo Vidal from Juventus. But he may have a dodgy knee and the price could be a as much as £47m.

Manchester United’s need for a midfield general is great but if they don’t like the Vdial deal then there is an option who is almost as good for around a third of the price.

Because Sami Khedira only has one year left on his contract his fee would apparently only be around £12 million. You would imagine that at that price there will be several suitors. But if Manchester United earmarked around £40 million for Vidal then surely they could blow any other interested party out of the water for the German international.

Just like City did a few years back, Manchester United need to offer, not a little more, but loads more money than their rivals in order to snare their man. Because look at the results for City – the acquisitions of Aguero, Silva, Toure et al, which lead them to the title.

Providing they can persuade Khedira to forgo Champions League for one season then they would have an absolute diamond on their hands. At 27 the player looks better than ever.

He may not be quite a good as Vidal in terms of goal output. But, beggars can’t be choosers and a Manchester United team with Khedira would far better than one without.

Chelsea have been decisive in the market – Fabregas was signed only a couple of days after the link first surfaced – and Liverpool too have been assertive with their buck. But, while United’s need is arguably greatest, they have fumbled their way around the market like complete novices.

Noone can tell you that this was how Woodward planned his summer of transfer activity.It’s been a failure so far. But there is still time for redemption. Get over to Madrid and bring back Di Maria and Khedira.

Now how hard is that?


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