Manchester United: The Jaw-Dropping £137m triple swoop which can fix everything

In what is turning out to be another dismal window in the transfer market for Manchester United all is not yet lost.

And the tiny crumb of comfort that we all have is that, in 10 days time, it will all be done. One way or another, we will know who Manchester United have signed.

We believe they could completely redeem themselves with these three buys.

Vidal – following his transfer has been like reading War and Peace – very long and pretty boring. If only Manchester United could conduct their business in the same manner as clubs like Barcelona, Chelsea and Real Madrid, this guy would already be training with Manchester United’s first 11. He’s got the lot. So why is it taking so long? Price mooted – £47m.

Di Maria – He would add the cutting edge and pace on the flanks that Manchester United are so famous for but so patently lack right now. There remain question marks over his overall consistency. But when you look at the current landscape this is a deal that Manchester United can scarcely afford not to do. Price Mooted – £50m

Cuadrado – A player that we really like. He’s got that rare combination of genuine athleticism and real footballing talent.

With the Argentine on the left wing and Cuadrado on the right Manchester United would have fantastic service for their world class strikers again.

The Fiorentina sporting director Daniele Prade said recently, while licking his lips with excitement:

He said: “We have had no official bids for Cuadrado.

“However it would be very difficult to refuse an offer of €50m (£40m).

An outfield which included Di Maria, Vidal, Herrera, Mata, Cuadrado and a forward line of RvP, Rooney would leave the fans salivating about their team once more.

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