No-Brainer: Five compelling reasons why this maestro HAS TO BE next boss at Manchester United

Edwin van der Saar has described Louis van Gaal as the best manager that he has ever played for.


That’s no small compliment when you consider that he enjoyed such great success under Sir Alex Ferguson.

Perhaps there is a little bit of bias in there as they are obviously from the same country.

And while we respect the work of Louis van Gaal we still think that Ryan Giggs should be made permanent manager of Manchester United. Why?

1. Experience – this seems to be the main concern of those around the club. Ryan Giggs has no management experience savour for a year as David Moyes’s assistant at Manchester United.

But when Pep Guardiola took over at Barcelona he only had one year of management experience and that was with the Barcelona reserve team. We think that Pep went on to form the greatest club side of all time.

Giggs does have vast experience of domestic and European football – as a player. He totally understands what it takes to be successful at home and abroad. No experience? PAH!

Scholes, Butt and Neville in track suits next to Giggsy in a suit in the dugout – tell me that didn’t feel right.

2. Intelligence – the way that he has presented himself in interviews over the last week tells you everything you need to know about the level of intelligence of the man. He is composed, eloquent and has a sort of rapport with reporters and the wider public that David Moyes could only dream of. He’s a complete natural.

3. Respect – Anders Lindegaard has spoken about Giggs giving a spine tingling speech before the game against Norwich. And in their post match interviews there was a real sparkle in the eyes of Wayne Rooney and Juan Mata when it was suggested that Giggs could become full-time manager of Manchester United. He has inordinate amounts of respect at the club which even Louis van Gaal would struggle to engender.

4. Style – Giggs plays attacking football. We have seen that from the game against Norwich. Sure it was a struggling team which gave Manchester United lots of time on the ball. But sending another striker on immediately after Manchester United went three up showed that he was turning the screw in a way that David Moyes never did. Giggs would most certainly uphold the attacking traditions of Manchester United.

5. Disruption – van Gaal is clearly a brilliant manager but he’s also been known to put a few noses out of joint in his time . Another big change at the club could cause massive disruption when it already feels like the Ryan Giggs bandwagon is rolling harmoniously along. For our money Manchester United should be bold and give Giggs the job – if indeed he wants it – because he could most certainly be Manchester united’s Pep Guardiola.