Tottenham to sign canny stopper in the summer as a replacement for potentially outgoing star?


Signing mooted

As transfer speculation goes this lad has been prolific over the last couple of years. He’s been linked to Manchester United on an almost monthly basis. But still no deal for a player who is rated highly in many quarters but only has 18 international caps at the age of 27 – albeit for a very strong Argentinian international side.

But reports today suggest that Tottenham might try to jump the very slow queue for the player as a replacement for potentially outgoing Belgian Jan Vertonghen. Incidentally we are sure that current speculation about The Belgian is nothing a bumper new contract can’t sort out.

The Guardian says:

London’s second-funniest calamity team are in full-on troll mode as they look to nab long-time Manchester United target Ezequiel Garay away from under David Moyes’s nose. The Daily Express has reported that the Benfica defender is being eyed up as a replacement for Jan Vertonghen,

It’s not exactly a sensational transfer coup is it? Garay for Vertonghen?

That’s not to disrespect the Argentina international. He would definitely be a worthy squad player for Tottenham. He’s a canny defender and one that you can rely on. But he won’t offer the goal threat or dynamism going forward as the Belgian has, at his best, for Tottenham.

Let’s have a look at him in action. Tottenham fans – would this represent a decent signing or yet another downgrade from a top asset to a pale imitation of?


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  1. bazza

    Apr 9, 2014 at 4:20 pm

    Actually in many ways Garay is a better option than Verts. Garay has decent on the ball skills decent pace and decent strength, but he isn’t a player who tries to be clever in dangerous situations, he’ll keep it simple and safe. He may not look to show how clever he is as much as Verts does, but when he sees an opening and he has cover behind him he’ll make the run, if he sees an advanced player making a run he’ll look to play the pass.
    Then there’s attitude, we all know that Verts can be an excellent player when he wants to, but equally know that there are days when he doesn’t. Days when he walks around with a face like a smacked arse, quite a contrast to the ever smiling Garay who always looks to be enjoying his game
    Then of course there’s aerial strength, something needed in the PL, Verts at best is OK whereas Garay is very good.
    Then here’s the issue of goals Garay has a pretty decent goalscoring record for a CB so yes I’d be just as happy with his goalscoring threat as Vertonghen’s
    I do think Vertonghen can be an excellent player, but he has a few character flaws. All things considered I’d be more than happy to have Garay replace him

  2. RHuss

    Apr 9, 2014 at 5:28 pm

    Vertonghen think he’s still playing in the Eredivisie League where he can afford to
    show off his skill.
    Now we all know how shit he is…especially attitude.

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