Tottenham: Some sure would but Tim Sherwoodn’t

It’s so hard to tell whether Tim Sherwood has actually done a good job at Tottenham this season. His results stand up and he hasn’t done much worse than any other Tottenham manager over the last decade.

But while the man himself seems to have a lot personality Tottenham are arguably lacking character and style since he took the reigns.

But reports suggest that, while it would be a great job for some, Sherwood has intimated that he wouldn’t want to drop back down to number two should Daniel Levy install another manager in the close season at Tottenham. The Daily Mail ran with:

I won’t be No 2 at Spurs, says Sherwood as Tottenham line up Holland boss Van Gaal

All power to him for it. It’s that sort of attitude that got him the job as Tottenham boss in the first place.

He also seems to command respect amongst the players – to the point of fear. If we got into a tete a tete with Sherwood our hands would be clammier than a frog in a sauna.

But does he have the tactical nous and the visionary ability to take the club forward and break that glass ceiling between Tottenham and The Champions League?

The money is certainly there and we are seeing with managers like Brendan Rodgers that you don’t need to buy the most expensive players to have a proper title tilt.

What you do need is a strong vision for how you want the team to play and the future to look. Not only that but you need to know what steps to take in order to get there.

In this world of hyper cynicism is easy for us to doubt the man himself. But we do feel that Tottenham will look for a new man in the summer.

Tottenham fans – should Sherwood stay at the helm?

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