3 top manager options for Manchester United after Moyes

It’s now time to start seriously assessing the options for Manchester United if the Moyes malaise continues.

Many to most Premier League chairmen would have sacked the manager if they had seen the downturn in results that Manchester United has suffered this season. And it’s not just the results. The performance levels have also plummeted beyond belief.

Yes, there is room for error in this situation, when a new guy comes in after a quarter of a century of success from the predecessor. But this is so much worse than a ‘transitional season’ with a few hiccups. This is a case of riches to rags in 6 months.

So who could take over, while there is still time to get Manchester United into the top 4 and have a decent tilt at The Champions League? Because we honestly can’t see either happening under the current boss.

Sir Alex Ferguson with Red Nev as his lieutenant

If Moyes gets sacked before the end of the season SAF would be the obvious choice to come back in. But that’s not straightforward. We all know about the tension between Sir Alex and Manchester United’s talisman – Wayne Rooney. Should Fergie step into the breach Wazza could be off come May. But, if Gary Neville were to take the hands on approach with the team, with Sir Alex as his mentor in the background, then this begins to look like the most viable alternative to David Moyes. We think that Gary Neville could do a Pep Guardiola at Manchester United. He was a great servant to the club and he’s clearly bright and knowledgeable enough to coach a top team. In our opinion, David Moyes has the wrong brother on the coaching staff at the moment.

Jurgen Klopp – an oft-mooted manager for Manchester United you may think it’s borderline lazy to suggest him. But the reason that he is so often linked with the club is because he arguably has the vision, charisma and tactical nous that Moyes seems to lack and that Manchester United so desperately need. We think that Klopp would thrive with the playing staff at Manchester United where he could employ the same sort of style and formation that has worked so well in Dortmund.

Jurgen Klinsmann – has no affiliation with Manchester United but has all the qualities to succeed. He’s got great intelligence, professionalism and strategic nous. He’s forward thinking in his approach and he’s a great unifier. Under him we might see more cohesion and joy in the team once more. The fact that he’s just extended his contract with USA means that he would be unlikely to leave until after The World Cup.

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