Manchester United: Pride may come before a fall for Sir Alex

We believe that, at any other club in The Premier League, a manager under-performing as badly as David Moyes is at Manchester United would have been sacked – if not before Sunday’s disgraceful home draw, against bottom of the table Fulham, then immediately afterwards.

Does the loyalty shown to their beleaguered manager make Manchester United greater than the rest? Is it admirable that they are sticking with their man where most would have got rid?

It’s a decent argument – we all get annoyed by premature sackings in The Premier League. Perhaps Manchester United see something in Moyes that we don’t. Perhaps he is doing amazing work behind the scenes that is going unrewarded by the wider public.

But, we believe, that if David Moyes hadn’t been elected by Sir Alex Ferguson then the new man would be long gone by now.

We all know about Sir Alex’s fabled competitive streak – the man who couldn’t bear even to lose a game of tiddly winks – let alone be proven wrong in a decision as big as this.

But, Sir Alex Ferguson is big enough to admit that even he got it wrong on occasion, through his superb Manchester United career. For all the brilliant decisions and ingenious signings there were also the expensive mistakes like Veron and Berbatov. And the damaging team selections, such as that which saw Wayne Rooney benched in an eminently winnable tie against Real Madrid last season, where much of the hard work had already been done in the first leg.

We have always said that Sir Alex would never knowingly do anything to damage the club that he built from bungalow level. The idea, for example, that he would open a can of worms about Manchester United’s best player in his autobiography was, to us, inconceivable.

But perhaps it’s Fergie’s pride that is keeping David Moyes at Manchester United at a time where most would have said ‘enough is enough’. Sir Alex favoured Moyes and he clearly still has huge influence at Manchester United.

We think that a managerless Manchester United would have more points right now than they have with Moyes at the helm. In isolation, a home draw against Fulham is disappointing. But, in the context of 8 league defeats and two cup exits with less than 2/3 of the season gone, it is simply unacceptable for a club like Manchester United.

We can’t see any green shoots of improvement or hope for Manchester United under Moyes. He just doesn’t appear to be the visionary, inspiring and brilliant leader that the club needs right now.

Sir Alex Ferguson was a supreme manager of men and football tactician. We would love to know what’s going through his mind right now, with regards David Moyes, with the team almost unrecognisable from last season despite having the same cast plus £60m worth of new talent.

Something has to give.

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