Manchester United: The Good News

The situation is dire for Manchester United. While the club stumbles over its own feet time and again the noisy neighbours mock with their banners and play football from the gods. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Manchester United size – a club of this size may suffer for a year or two but it’s physically too big to do a Leeds. Or even a Liverpool. Manchester United is too big and too financially powerful not to fight back. Like Bayern Munich in Germany. They are on the boil right now but, before last year, they spent over 10 years without a Champions League Final. They also surrendered their crown to Wolfsburg, Schalke and Borussia Dortmund. But they are pre-eminent again because of good management and, most importantly, the cash to buy the best – and, in so doing, weaken the rest.

Liverpol were unlucky because they their success and dominance ended just at the time when big money was coming into football. They didn’t have the huge financial wealth that TV money brought to get them out of trouble. Successful teams post Liverpool (mainly Manchester United) harnessed a completely new level of prize money and TV revenue and soon became a spot on the horizon for Liverpool.

Fortunately for Manchester United, while in debt, their wobble has happened at a time when they are extremely cash rich. Providing they get the right management going forward then they should have no problems returning to the top in the longer term.

David Moyes – A lot of fans of Manchester United get annoyed with what could be called ‘knee-jerk reactions to David Moyes’ time at Manchester United. While we don’t want to slate anyone unfairly we also hold the strong opinion that Moyes isn’t the man for the Manchester United job. The idea of it getting worse before it gets better is understandable to a point.

But, after 7 months in the job, there are no signs of improvement at all. The performance levels haven’t improved. The results have got worse. Furthermore the camp doesn’t seem at all happy.

The dream is that it all turns out fine for Manchester United. Moyes gets the team firing and they win everything. But the reality is there for everyone to see. The new man hasn’t improved any aspect of the club. Sooner or later he will get sacked. The longer United leave it the longer it will take to get back to the top.

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