Manchester United: What hope if Moyes keeps picking these two?

David Moyes tells us that Manchester United have, at times, played quite well in defeat. But compared to any Manchester United team under Sir Alex, this is not playing well. It’s not even playing badly. It’s just a rudderless mess. A tangle of legs and arms desperately chasing the ball.

Having watched Manchester United all of my life, I can not remember a time when they have passed the ball so badly and with so little purpose or forward thrust.

Yes the players have to take some stick but, lest we forget, the same group won the title at a canter last season.

There are many reasons why Manchester United are playing badly this season but David Moyes’s selections and tactics have, at times, been questionable. In many eyes he is picking the wrong players and formations.

Manchester United had a must win game against Stoke at the weekend and Manchester United didn’t have another game for a week.

Yet, with no need to rest players, Moyes decided to leave his best performer of the season, Adnan Januzaj, on the bench for the second game. To further dampen the spirits and ruin many a weekend he selected Ashley Young and Tom Cleverley as starters.

Moyes gets paid millions of pounds every year for his decision making ability but how can any manager justify playing these two?

Ashley Young – Young does nothing for months then hits a flukey belter against poor opposition at home and gets a run in the team on the back of it. Again. Only to disappoint hugely. As usual. David Moyes deserves to be sacked if he thinks that Young is up to the job for Manchester United. We can’t understand for the life of us why a struggling Manchester United, looking for some kind of consistency, would select him over Januzaj.

Tom Cleverley – Moyes let Anderson go. He was a better player than Cleverley. We have never been Darren Fletcher autograph hunters but he’s a far better choice than the Englishman. Tom Cleverley goes missing far too often. You can’t do that in central midfield for a top club. Not for long anyway.

Moyes is getting paid millions in salary for his football expertise. But my nan could tell you that these two aren’t good enough for Manchester United.

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