Tottenham in transfer ‘sensation’?

Oh it’s like a really good soap opera already. If such a thing exists. The transfer deadline day has arrived. Not more speculating about what might be. Sure, many of us will leave disappointed and empty handed like victims of an empty box auction scam. But there are also bound to be some really dramatic deals happening today.

And, after what looked like a quiet end to the transfer window for Tottenham, it now appears as if it could be the place to be for signings today.

The revolving door speculation will include the likes of Holtby, Capoue, Nani and the smoking Bulgarian Dimitar Berbatov.

Still to hear from you Tottenham fans on whether he would be welcomed back. I reckon you are beginning to warm to the idea now. Sure Berbatov isn’t exactly going to make Tottenham into a more hard-working side. But he will undoubtedly add the odd moment of jaw dropping genius.

The Guardian this morning reports that Berbs could leave Fulham today and sing for Tottenham in what would amount to a ‘sensation’.

Berbatov enjoyed two seasons at Tottenham from 2006 before he left under acrimonious circumstances for Manchester United. It would be a sensation were he to return to White Hart Lane but Tottenham do need another striker, with Jermain Defoe set to join Toronto FC at the end of February.

Report goes on to talk about Arsenal’s supposed interest in the player. They may well rear their heads again today if they fail in bids for other players.

But this one just seems written in the stars doesn’t it? Berbatov back to Tottenham with something to prove to the football world and to the fans who used to adore him.

We shall obviously keep you updated on developments throughout the day. Tottenham fans let’s hear from you on this one. Do you want him back?

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