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The Antithesis of Angel di Maria: Manchester United deal looks on for the ultimate team player according to latest reports


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When Angel di Maria came to Manchester United there was of course a flurry of excitement from the fans.

The transfer fee alone – which ultimately proved to be vastly inflated – set tongues wagging about just how good this lad could be.

He arguably didn’t get a fair crack of the whip at Manchester United in his first season at the club.

But what annoyed us most about him was the fact that he thought he was Teenwolf – that he could receive the ball and beat everyone before walking it into the net.

Football is of course a team game and even Lionel Messi knows that. Even the greatest player of all time knows that you need to mix it up. It’s impossible to beat everyone on your own, all the time.

Di Maria wasn’t a team player at Old Trafford. But if Manchester United bring Pedro to the club, as is being suggested in all corners of the media, they will have signed almost the antithesis of the Argentine. Pedro is quoted as saying this week:

“I’m calm, happy and I will always continue giving everything if I continue at this club. Manchester? Yes, there are nice challenges on all sides.

Because Pedro has been a vital cog in the success of the greatest club side that the world has ever seen.

He is clearly an ambitious player and 100 goals in just over 300 games – as a winger – speaks of a player who is doing more than his fair share when called upon.

And Barcelona’s desire to keep the 28 year old also tells us that he is far from a spent force or just a utility player.

This a winger who puts the team first and Manchester United need precisely that right now. Ashley Young is of course a team player. But he doesn’t have the finesse or creativity of Pedro and certainly not the goal return of the Spaniard.

50 games for Spain and 16 goals – this is a serial winner with at least two years left in his pomp.

Manchester United should have no concerns about spending 30m Euros on this lad – it’s a no-brainer and a nice departure from the narcissistic talents of Di Maria, who got Manchester United nowhere fast.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dan

    Aug 12, 2015 at 8:38 pm

    Pedro is 28 not 29

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