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Let It Go Man: More sour grapes from Ex-Manchester United man


Sour Grapes

When Paul Scholes speaks highly of someone, as he did about Mike Phelan recently, then we tend to pay attention. Seldom one for exaggeration Schoels reckons that Phelan was a very important member of the team at Manchester United.

But we have to admit that we are getting pretty tired of his comments about Manchester United. He’s no longer at the club but you get a sense that he feels jilted – that he was ousted in unfair circumstances and that he thinks he’s owed something by the club. His latest comments are rather negative and The Telegraph framed the quotes with the headline:

Manchester United’s injury crisis is Louis van Gaal’s fault, says former assistant manager Mike Phelan

Phelan is quoted as saying:

“What’s happened is a continuation of the same players getting injured all the time, so you have to look to the reasons why,”

“I think Manchester United changed their thoughts on the fitness regime, they looked at it a little bit differently.

“Tony Strudwick, who was operating as head of sports science, was involved day to day with the first team.

“He understood the ins and outs of how to keep players fit, how to keep them ready for competition.

“Then suddenly they moved him sideways and did something completely different. That may have had an effect. That one area has changed.”

We just wish he would shut up. Whenever Phelan replaced Ferguson for a post-match interview we were soon bored to tears. Phelan came across to us as a pretty basic sort of guy who was a safe pair of hands and a PA to Sir Alex. Ad does he forget the regular raft of injuries under his watch at United?

Phelan was probably asked for his opinions about Manchester United’s injury problems. But he doesn’t have to answer. And really top quality coaches and career people in general don’t dwell and reminisce about what might or should have happened in the past.

They are too busy being brilliant somewhere else. And we really wish that Mike Phelan would do just that now. He was extremely lucky to play for Manchester United as a very average footballer. He was perhaps even luckier to get a job on the coaching staff. He should be grateful for his time at Manchester United and get on with his career rather than joining the bandwagon of abuse for Louis van Gaal, who is doing a fantastic job at the club.

Manchester United fans: A little tired of Phelan now?



  1. 07060659268

    Dec 10, 2014 at 6:53 am

    He should keep his opinion to himself,lvg is doing a great job 4 us,beside,d injury problem started after d exit of saf.moyes could testify about that.

  2. malc

    Dec 10, 2014 at 8:56 am

    The injuries were the same under fergie whren phelan was there. jones evans and smalling along with rafael were always injured more than they played. he has a short memory.

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