Manchester United: A more realistic signing – report

In what is becoming a huge trending column Paul Scholes’s latest article has once more intrigued the public.

He reckons that Manchester United need to sign five accomplished players just to get back into the leading pack and one of those guys is Xabi Alonso of Real Madrid.

Manchester United have been linked to various stellar targets over the summer but are yet to bring in a really top player.

And some feel that they have been over ambitious in their attempts to sign players who expect Champions League football. So perhaps a more realistic target might now be a 32-year-old veteran of the game.

Manchester United lack of mobility in the centre of the park and if they did sign Alonso they would surely need somebody else to complement him in there – someone with a real engine. They currently don’t have that.

So signing Alonso would only be part of the solution – perhaps they should also go for Sami Khedira from Madrid.

What Alonso does bring is sensational passing range and, in that sense, he could be the stepping stone between Paul Scholes and Ander Herrera.

While Herrera has shown glimpses of class he’s obviously not yet the finished article and Alonso could put in a year or two of really good service to Manchester United in the meantime.

The Guardian says of the deal:

Manchester United are trying to keep a straight face as they pretend they would really, really, really, really, really like to sign a midfielder. Xabi Alonso

Let’s take a look at him in action. Manchester United fans is now the realistic level of signings that the club should expect to bring in?