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Manchester United: Flop? Nonsense. Bebe is a massive success story


All power to Fergie

There has been a lot of talk over the last few weeks about Manchester United player Bebe moving this summer – potentially to Benfica. That deal has now apparently been done.

The speculation has brought a new wave of criticism about how the Manchester United signing was one of the biggest mistakes in transfer history.

But in this modern world of high powered, commercially exploited football we seem to forget about the human aspect of the game.

Because, from that perspective, Bebe has been an overwhelming success.

Not long before his move to Manchester United this guy was homeless and living in a hostel.

He came from nothing but got his head down to concentrate on a football career which would eventually offer him financial security for life. How is that not a success story for Manchester United? It seems that success is measured purely on goals and points scored these days.

But if a club saves a human being, gives them an opportunity and puts them on the right track in life, it’s deemed an abject failure. What a sad way to look at things.

Bebe’s move to Benfica may not have been possible without the Manchester United move. But it’s the sum of all his hard work. So, far from Manchester United being a terrible move for the player, it has proved to be a springboard to the professional career that he’s always dreamed of.

So good on Alex Ferguson to have taken the gamble with Bebe. Forget what the newspapers say about this being the worst signing of all time.

Manchester United signed the player for around £7m and could receive £2.5m back so it’s not exactly a crisis for the club. Fergie, after all, made a career out of gambling on players. Many of the deals worked but lots didn’t. But without that will to tie a risk Manchester United may not have enjoyed the talents of Cantona or Ronaldo.

Well done Fergie, well done Manchester United and well done Bebe. Because, in a less cynical and money driven environment Sir Alex’s decision would have inspired people and would have been celebrated as a story of human achievement in adversity.

For soccersweep, the Bebe story is one of great success.




  1. peter

    Jul 26, 2014 at 8:49 am

    Excellent, humane. congratulations for clear thinking.

  2. abdulkader

    Jul 26, 2014 at 9:09 am

    very very true. sometimes we forget about the human aspect and listen to spam brought by newspapers who help in taking down good human beings. well done fergie! all the best bebe

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