Man U Cavani scores for fun wherever he plays. Despite starting well in France, there are rumours that he too could be heading for England, with Manchester United and Chelsea reportedly among his suiters

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Manchester United: The Next No.9?

The famous Manchester United number nine shirt is currently vacant but you have to assume that it won’t be long before it’s filled.

Louis van Gaal is clearly assessing his squad in America before deciding whether that shirt should go to a current member of the squad or to a new signing.

We think that there are two main ways that this could go. Manchester United will promote a specific player from within or sign one of the world’s best strikers.

Danny Welbeck

If LvG does decide to promote from within then Danny Welbeck is the obvious candidate for the number nine shirt at Manchester United.

He gave a brilliant performance against LA Galaxy and although that’s just one game it does bode well for the future. He seems to have kicked on again since last season in terms of technique, physique and overall maturity.

We believe that he is exactly the sort of player who could thrive under LvG’s tutelage and he could well get the nod for the number nine.

Edinson Cavani

If Manchester United do decide to invest in another centre forward this summer then Edison Cavani seems like one of the more feasible options. Reports on Friday suggested that United are in talks for the player.

He spoke recently about his love of The Premier league and appears open to a move.

Cavani looks like a man of passion and perhaps he’s not getting enough of an adrenaline kick playing in France. The Premier League would welcome him with open arms.

We think that he would be an explosive goal machine for Manchester United. The question is how
LvG would fit Van Persie, Cavani and Rooney into the same side, as they should all surely be starters.

But Manchester United may lose Javier Hernandez this summer and, if they do, they could well add another striker. They don’t come much better than Cavani.

Let’s take a look at Edinson in action. Manchester United fans: do you think that these two are the favourites for the jersey next season?


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40 Responses to Manchester United: The Next No.9?

  1. akash says:

    I don’t agree! Van gaal should sell chicharito javier henandez! And why wasting money on a striker like cavani! Our striker is strongest! Just invest the money where we needed that is central defender and defensive midfielder

    • Abroad says:

      Please if this rumor is true, then I’m disappointed at LVG. Cavani will flop like Felani. We don’t need him, invest d cash on defend and midfield FULLSTOP!!!

  2. Samuel oyee says:

    Edinson cavani will be a very good winger 4 manchester united. Make sure its done.

  3. Lloyd says:

    Why disturb our attacking department which is the strongest at the moment? The combination of Rooney, RVP, Welbeck, Chicharito, Valecia, Young, Kagawa, Janujaz and Mata should stay put. If we have cash, lets focus on our old pending case of replacing Scholes and Roy Keane and the Vidic and Rio have given us another task to handle in filling their voids. Thats where the money should go.

  4. henry says:

    Am not happy with the decision of selling chicharito and buying USELESS cavan. Pliz LVG just buy Di maria- vidal -hummels and keep our kid chicharito unsold.

  5. Sunday says:

    LVG should enough strikers. Man u focus on defensive milfider nd central defence

  6. Sunday says:

    LVG has enough strikers. Man u focus on defensive milfider nd central defence

  7. Osipitan Olalekan says:

    Man United did not need of waste Money on sign Big striker now, what we needed is central defender and defensive midfielder. All we are saying give us Vidal!!!

  8. Ibukun Adeniji says:


  9. stan says:

    its obviously we where scoring last season, bt conceeding as well, so we dont need a striker. what we actually need is a holding, ball winner, box to box midfielder, and 2 CB of which 1 can play backup 4 shaw. Blind is the man

  10. escobar says:

    we dnt nid cavani, javier is beta dan him, javier just nid more playing tym, plz lvg, go n get vidal, cadruodo n humels plz

  11. Abroad says:

    CAVANI will flop like d way TORRES did @ Chelsea. Please if this rumor is true, then I’m disappointed at LVG. Cavani will flop like Felani. We don’t need him, invest d cash on defend and midfield FULLSTOP!!!

  12. Acarsolomon says:

    Just buy 4 us ac defender and ac midf

  13. Kinsman says:

    United are too slow in d transfer market

  14. Bukunmi says:

    I am very very disapointed in LVG sayin he want 2 sign edinson cavani what we need on ground z a central back and a defensive mid-fielder and the central back who can do d job is delay blind up united! United will stand

  15. Johnson kaka says:

    I wonder where n what all de money woodward has been talkin abt wil be used for , if he cant buy di maria, vidal, blind and de vrij

  16. Spinsa says:

    We don’t nid Cavani all we nid is centra n defencsive fielders n Hernandez nt 4 sale.

  17. United should sign Cavani he is a goal scoring machine and we will have option upfront

  18. Mikele says:

    We dont need Cavani!
    All what Manchester United need:
    Vidal, Hummels, Reus and maybe Blind…

  19. gex says:

    Man utd must sign Di Maria which who will make a change, and also keep on forcing Hummels and Blind.

  20. pliz lvg, dnt buy useless cavani we nid central defender n defending midfielder, n dnt sell chicha!

  21. bello says:

    may be some ppl do not notice what happen to manu when VP is not around last season,sadly Wayne could not produce when it matter most against Everton and Bayern and he do have a glare chance. so as chicarito used to flop when united are playing against formidable opponent like Barcelona,Liverpool or man city when you need 11v11 on the pitch. let VG buy Cavan DAT doesn’t stop him from buying Matt.H,Vidal or Di maria. this is high time for united to spend DAT money.

  22. HERDEKING says:

    LVG.pls we dnt want cavani in our squad just buy us good midfider nd better defender .chicarito is nt 4 saleeeeeee ooooooo

  23. we are trong enough for us play with the players we have i do not see the need for a no 9 player, we need but a centre midfield /centre defence playes for now.

  24. jay says:

    Plz an plz buy us Di Maria vidal Alax SOng and hummules

  25. Mulekwa says:

    Pliz LVG, we ar not askn 4 messi, ronaldo, bale, suarez or neymar b’se these may seem expensive! We ar just requestn 4 vidal, cuadrado $ hammels whose total cost may not even buy one of the former mentioned stars from thier current clubs! Now if the later deals flop, will this still be the bigest club in the world lyk u said be4? To me the quality of players u hav define hw big the club is!

  26. demayor says:

    Hmmmm lvg pls we dnt need cavani in our team cux we are still regreeting of buying fellaini and pls chicharito is our saviour!!!

  27. weather yes or no lvg should cavani bcause we need more strakers in our scort

  28. Charles Yakani says:

    Hee, LvG hard time ahead believe not in this scoud defence will be exposed middle fielders will not know what to do then you see W.Ronney runs all the way from attack to rescue in the defence. Buy one defensive middle fielder & two defenders to rescue ManU from those days coming. Manchester United for ever.

  29. Tank you van gaal i saw your hand.

  30. Vincent says:

    pliz dont jus be blind LvG , we need to replace Scholey n Rio Vidic gaps urgently , dont fail us so soon with this decision to spend money on a striker yet u knw we have it all to choose from . also pliz our Chicharito must go nowhere , jus give him a game tym u will see. Bring us Hummel , Vidal , Di Maria with all means , thanks .

  31. Don’t be blind,we need a supporting left bck, ac defender and @vidal for the box-to-box duties

  32. Connection73 says:

    Wat man utd need is a defensive midfielder, central defender n also a winger n a striker.

  33. yomi says:

    Vida, blind,hummels n di maria is the answer……

  34. We have all seen Chicharito’s ability, we dont need Cavani, what we want to see is Vidal, Hummels, Cuadrado and Blind. Period.

  35. sunky says:

    Pls lvg I personally will really appreciate if u can jst get us DI MARIA, VIDAL, HUMMELS, STROOMAN and offload d like of YOUNG, SMALLING,ANDERSON,ZAHA,AMOS…….

  36. King says:

    some r absolutely correct dat we dont need cavani.
    we need these 4 players to be champions again..
    1.Paul Pogba
    3.Marco Reus
    4.Mats Hummels
    and sell young,cleverely,amos,smalling and welbeck

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