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Manchester United: This front 5 can batter Bayern – Moyes MUST play them

Da Silva has the spirit of a true Manchester United star

The team to beat bayern

Manchester United have, at times, been pretty poor in defence and midfield this season. While they still have top names in their squad, there is no doubt that some of the oldest stars will have to be replaced this summer, if Manchester United are to continue to compete at the very top level.

But one area where Manchester United still compare to any team in the world is in the attack. Liverpool have been a great example of how to use what they have got this season. They have conceded a lot of goals but concentrated on their attack which has largely outscored the opposition.

This is exactly what David Moyes and Manchester United need to do tonight. We all hear that David Moyes is a cautious coach but what’s the point of being cautious against this lot? If Manchester United play defensively you can easily imagine them losing a goal after 60 minutes and then having to chase the game. No good at all. Especially with the away leg to come.

Manchester United need to be on the front foot form the off. Play like Manchester United. Don’t worry about conceding the odd goal. Concentrate on scoring. To do that Manchester United need their top creators on the pitch.

Their best available forwards on form are, Rooney, Kagawa, Welbeck, Giggs and Valencia. If these 5 play then Manchester United can go into the game confident of a victory.

We would throw caution to the wind and pop Giggs in alongside Carrick in the midfield. We fear that Moyes will start without Kagawa but this guy has to play if Manchester United are going to start the game on the front foot. Put him in his favoured position behind Rooney with Welbeck on the left and Manchester United will certainly be asking questions of the opposition.

Our team would look like this:

De Gea, Buttner, Rio, Jones, Rafa – Carrick, Giggs – Welbeck, Kagawa, Valencia – Rooney

Manchester United fans – is this the team to defeat Bayern?

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