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Manchester United: An Open Letter to David Moyes Pre-Bayern



Manchester United fans could hardly be called ‘long suffering’. But the season has been so bad that it must have seemed interminable at times. Not only are they miles off the pace in the league but it looks as if Manchester City or, shock horror, Liverpool will take the title. This is not how they expected things to turn out Mr.Moyes.

But we are hopeful that every cloud does have a silver lining and that Manchester United’s will be a defeat of Bayern. Because a big performance and result is way overdue. But, you sir, need to approach the game in the right manner. Here is what we don’t want to see tonight.

‘I actually thought we played quite well’ – That’s right. We don’t want to see you trying to make us believe that Manchester United played well after another damming and toothless defeat. Some of your post-match press conferences have defied belief as you have described performances as if the game had been played behind closed doors instead of in front of the world’s cameras.

Defensive tactics – If Manchester United are going to go out of the competition the fans will want to go out all guns ablazing rather than in some reactionary, defensive performance with a narrow scoreline. Manchester United are known for their attacking football yet, too often, you have erred on the side of caution. For example, you brought back Tom Cleverley for the Manchester City game and then you were scrambling for your subs bench after just ten minutes. LEARN YOUR LESSONS MOYESY!

Defensive selections – Too often players like Shinji Kagawa have been sacrificed for the extra defensive midfielder like Tom Cleverley and Marouane Fellaini. It’s tantamount to waving the white flag before the game has even kicked off. We want to see Valencia and Kagawa on from the start rather than thrown on in desperation with 15 minutes to go. Take the game to the opposition, shape the game yourself, rather than waiting for the opposition to score and then reacting. Make Old Trafford a place to fear once more. Frighten the life out of the opposition with the relentless waves of attack that Manchester United are known for.

I promise you Mr.Moyes, there are good and bad ways to lose a game of football. Every defeat hurts. But it hurts so much more when you make decisions which deflate the fans before they have even heard the first whistle.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sparky

    Apr 1, 2014 at 4:01 pm

    I’ve been a United fan since early sixties..moved to Canada and still buy tickets for every home game although I haven’t been to OT since moving here and this is the first “”team”” I have witnessed about which your paragraph headers apply…couldn’t agree more.
    Am I living in the past when I say I miss the fire of Neville, Scholsie, Giggs…..if they were down or tied you never left/turned off the TV during the last 5 minutes of a game for fear of missing something and invariably you were not disappointed? You can excuse to a certain extent the lack of cohesion (Manager) and understanding between teammates (new players) but the determination and the fire in the belly when you put on that jersey seems to have used to mean something to wear that shirt.
    I hear so many bad things about Rafael and Jones but IMHO they appear to be the only players on the team who show any spirit and a will to win….everyone else appears to be only really good at expressing disappointment at losing.
    Will I stop being a fan….of course not but gee whiz give me back that spirit that inspired me and I’m sure so many others to tackle the trials and tribulations of this life we live..

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