Manchester United: Get these 2 in NOW to Save the Season

Manchester United: Get these 2 in NOW to Save the Season


Watching Gary Neville and Paul Scholes talk about Manchester United last night, it was clear to us that they have a better understanding of what’s wrong with the team than David Moyes does.

Scholes was surprisingly outspoken in his punditry and he made it clear that the expensive new signings hadn’t done the business and that there isn’t enough pace in the side.

Moyes has failed to shine a light on either of these elements this season as he continues to stumble through interviews without offering any real insight into what he thinks the problem is at Manchester United.

It would possibly be seen as a bit of a gamble to promote from within when Manchester United appoint a successor to David Moyes – as they surely will before long. But, simply in terms of football nous, Paul Scholes and Gary Neville seem to offer so much more substance than the current boss.

They may be inexperienced but, given the choice, we would sack Moyes today and get these two in to run things until the end the season at least. Not after the Bayern game but TODAY. Give Manchester United a small chance of getting through the quarter finals – because we feel that, under Moyes, there is no hope.

What Neville and Scholes do have in abundance is football knowledge. They still command huge respect in the changing room – the players would have no problems at all taking orders from these two legends. And they understand the fabric of Manchester United – what motivates the players and the level of excellence that is required to pull on the shirt.

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They both seem like the sort of people who would make things simple for the players on the pitch in terms of tactics. No square pegs in round holes. No Mata wide right. No Cleverley – full stop. Both would surely be inclined to give Shinji Kagawa more game time in a season where he is being criminally underused, despite playing well when he gets a chance.

We feel that Manchester United still have a chance to pull off a masterstroke in this hitherto calamitous season. Imagine the boost for the whole club if Manchester United got rid of Moyes and appointed Scholes and the right Neville until the end of the season?

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