SACK David Moyes Part 1 – Do it before the Bayern game to give Manchester United a shout of beating The European Champions

It’s actually difficult to comprehend how far and quickly Manchester United have fallen under David Moyes. Under Sir Alex you might get one embarrassing defeat like this in a season – typically, on the way to winning the league of course.

But, such has been the quality of football this season that these sorts of defeats have become the norm. Home humblings don’t even hurt the fans that much any more. They are resigned to failure with this manager.

Few were expecting Manchester United to win last night and we can’t remember EVER thinking that for home matches. Regardless of the opposition Fergie’s Manchester United always had a good chance of winning at Old Trafford.

Many Manchester United fans have stayed loyal to David Moyes – but it’s blind faith. And so many of you have written in to complain about your team that we feel it only right to start this series of SACK MOYES – until he does get the boot.

The perfect illustration of David Moyes’s managerial skills came last night. First, he selected Tom Cleverley again, to the dismay of fans. And within ten minutes he looked as if he was going to change his formation and bring on the guy who should have started – Antonio Valencia.

The players are the same – plus around £65m worth of new talent that isn’t performing – so the problem HAS to be the manager. The tactics are confused to non-existent and the players simply aren’t responding. It’s not as if Manchester United are even close to the top 3 sides right now. A chasm has been created in 8 short months.

Surely it’s time to be ruthless? At least if Manchester United stop the rot and get rid of Moyes now, reinstalling Fergie and someone like Giggs as interim coach, Manchester United might have a whisper of a chance against Bayern.

With Moyes at the helm Manchester United may be about to suffer the biggest indignity yet against the Germans.

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