Manchester United: Leaving this guy out is football suicide

Manchester United: Leaving this guy out is football suicide


It’s one of the great mysteries of modern football. An error of judgement that has Manchester United fans howling at the manager on a weekly basis.

Because, despite the terrible form and clunky style that Manchester United have suffered this season, they still haven’t found a regular place in the team for Shinji Kagawa.

The most bizarre part of it is that Kagawa appears to have, in abundance, exactly what Manchester United are missing. The team lacks pace and movement while the passing has been way too slow and sideways. Kagawa is the one-stop shop answer for all of those problems.

Forced by injuries to select him yesterday Manchester United were transformed into the fluid, counter-attacking and passing machine that we have become so accustomed to down the years.

With Kagawa in the side Manchester United were quicker, more penetrative and more mobile than hitherto this season. The attacking play was the best it’s been with Mata, Rooney and Shinji breaking at will. The link up play was excellent and it was as if they had been doing it for years – the three of them immediately clicked and looked like a unit.

The Guardian said of Manchester United’s display:

Football Advisor

the inclusion of Juan Mata and Shinji Kagawa allowing them to play with a panache that has rarely been evident this season.

Van Persie’s knee injury meant that Mata could work in tandem with the delightfully nimble Kagawa

The idea of sacrificing RvP to make this team ‘work’ is highly risky and a huge call. But, a much bigger mistake would be to sell Kagawa when he has only been able to show us a small fraction of what he can do.

Surely now, with RvP out, Moyes has to play Kagawa at home and in Europe, as a number ten behind Rooney. Because letting him leave Manchester United would be a grave error.

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  1. The article above about kagawa is on the money

    Moyes is a dopey…………… is his staff…….kagawa is so far ahead of this overpaid bunch of clowns there are a few hest players in the side……….Evra Rafael……….Rooney at present…………RVP Jones Noif Moyes doeant wat to see these things then resign and stop stealing same goes for his staff………….now if the dressing room is with him…………..then someone somewhere show it Kagawa mata Rooney have to play together three number tens who cares the rest have to feed these quickly and support…..

  2. Its obvious rvp is sulking at doesnt link up with rooney or mata.

    Play kagawa instead of rvp and watch the football flow.

    rooney up top is better then rvp.

    he does nothing but expect the ball.