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Manchester United having their own Yaya Toure moment


Current speculation reminds us of Toure deal

It absolutely dumbfounds us that some people could question the value of Yaya Toure. Before he went on his recent scoring binge some had suggested that he wasn’t pulling his weight.

But we simply love to watch Toure. He is a monster of a footballer who is better even than Patrick Viera. He has similar influence and presence in games as the Frenchman. But, going forward, there is no comparison between the two – Toure’s goal against Fulham at the weekend was simply unbelievable. For our money he’s one of the top 10 Premier League players of all time.

Barcelona probably feel gutted that they let him go, but the gods were smiling on City in that deal. We feel that Manchester United could find themselves in a very similar situation with Toni Kroos.

Like Toure and Barcelona in 2010, Kroos is already at the best club in Europe. He will struggle to move upwards in football terms. But he arguably feels undervalued at Munchen and knows that he can get a lot more money elsewhere.

Manchester United would be prepared to make him one of their top earners on a deal worth around 250k a week. That sort of money would smash Munchen’s wage structure and they don’t appear ready to do that.

So, while Kroos might have to take a hit in terms of trophies for a year, Manchester United with him in it would be a force to be reckoned with again before long – such is the quality of the player.

So, although it looks highly unlikely that Manchester United will be in The Champions League next season, the idea of Kroos joining the club perhaps isn’t so outlandish after all.


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