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Manchester United: Any of these teams will do in The Quarters

Manchester United finally shed the paralysing inertia that has plagued their season, to put in a performance of mobility, pace and power. Sure, they were playing against a European minnow. But you can only defeat what is in front of you and Manchester United did that. Most importantly, the result has kept a hitherto awful season alive.

There was a terrible spell after Manchester United went 3-0 up when all the fans were screaming at their team to press on. Too many times this season Manchester United have sat back to defend a narrow lead. And again last night they couldn’t decide whether to stick or twist at 3-0. This left the nerves of Manchester United fans utterly spangled.

Classic United sides would have pushed on at 3-0 to make the game safe. But the season has been such a roller-coaster that Manchester United went into their shell and defended for their lives at 3-0.

But confidence is what they will get from this game – loads of it. After the game, many opined on Twitter that Manchester United would get beaten in the quarters, whoever they faced. But we believe that any of these three will afford Manchester United the opportunity to progress.

Borussia Dortmund – A wonderful attacking unit who got to the final last year. They have lost a few big hitters since and, whilst still great to watch, they are certainly bearable over two legs. They can kill you with a counter attack in seconds but you can also get at their defence. soccersweep thinks that this would be the best case draw for Manchester United.

Athletico Madrid – A revelation this season with lots of highly technical players in their squad. But, again, they are beatable. Watching them play against Real Madrid recently we were surprised by how easily Real cut them open time after time. They are another side who are convincing going forward but penetrable at the back.

Chelsea – The least favourable of the most favourable draws! A Mourinho driven Chelsea is the closest thing you will get to facing 12 men in top level football. He’s a great boss but seems to be at his best in preparation for big Champions League ties. If Manchester United are at their best they can win. But no manager is better at exposing opposition weaknesses than Jose.

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