Manchester United: This legend’s United career could be over after Sunday

The finger pointing hasn’t yet become public at Manchester United as the players try to come to terms with what has happened to the club this season.

RvP of course mentioned that other players were getting in his zones but that fell short of outright mutiny. The fact remains that Manchester United are trying to stick together through this current disaster – the like of which few Manchester United fans can remember.

We have been very clear about what we believe to be the problem. The players haven’t all become rubbish overnight. No, the buck stops with the manager and David Moyes isn’t the man for the job.

Last season most of the squad were decent but this season you struggle to find any that look the business. Age of course comes in to it but a top manager, like Sir Alex, would have squeezed a lot more out of this squad than we are currently seeing.

Nevertheless, player changes are needed and Sunday illustrated that age has caught up with yet another Manchester United stalwart – Micheal Carrick.

He has been a superb player for the club – a real unsung hero who has done his job brilliantly. He covers every blade of grass to shield his defence and always looks as he has time on the ball. He rarely cedes possession and has a wonderful range of passing.

Until he came back from injury that is. Carrick was out for 6 weeks over the winter and he doesn’t seem to have recovered. Like many of his team mates, he was woeful against Liverpool – he gave the ball away so many times on Sunday and he obviously doesn’t have the mobility that he once had.

He’s been such a good player for Manchester United and the current system of management probably isn’t helping him. But he’s 33 in July and, based on recent performances, it very much looks like Manchester United need to replace Carrick aswell as Fellaini in the midfield.

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