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Manchester United: Managers questioning Moyes’s tactics – report

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Did you hear the one about the team who had three top number 10s?

Did you hear the one about the team who had three top number 10s? They bought another one!

It’s just one of the many bizarre decisions that David Moyes has made since he took charge at Manchester United. We keep hearing about how he wants to change things around and how noone is hurting as much as David Moyes when Manchester United lose.

But, the problem for him, is that in football the work that you do as a manager is in plain sight every weekend. If you are doing a good job then it is evident in the way your team plays. If, like Moyes, your team is losing a big game every fortnight, there is nowhere to hide.

And it’s not just the media who sees it. In dissecting the current crisis at Manchester United, The Daily Mail clearly had the inside track on the situation when they said:

Other Premier League coaches talk privately of unimaginative tactics and square pegs in round holes.

It’s so plain to see this. Manchester United have no fluidity. They have no shape – not one which is at all convincing or effective anyway. And Moyes’s signings have been desperate and inappropriate. The current Mancheseter United player is unable to make this squad work the way it can and he clearly has no idea how to fix it – because there has been no improvement at all. If anything Manchester United are getting worse each week.

This is not a witch hunt. It’s simply a response to the way things are going at Manchester United. The evidence is there for all to see and it’s now time for the manager of Manchester United to get his marching orders. The sacking can’t come soon enough.

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