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Manchester United: These 4 simply aren’t good enough


Absolutely shocking

Manchester United fans and the media alike will be picking the club to pieces again after a shocking performance in Greece against average opposition on Tuesday night. Whatever you think about David Moyes’s tactics and selections, one thing is clear. These four players simply aren’t good enough for Manchester United.

Ashley Young – Like a headless chicken running around the pitch without any real idea of what he was supposed to be doing. In reality, his job may not be easy, but it is very straightforward. Stay wide, collect the ball. Get down the line. Get decent deliveries into the box. But I honestly can’t remember him doing it once on Tuesday. He’s never been good enough for Manchester United but seems to get back in the team based on the odd flukey long distance goal every 6 months or so. It is totally beyond us why Moyes keeps picking him.

Tom Cleverley – How does this guy get in the team? He talked of being a scapegoat for the bad results recently. But you have to do most of your talking on the pitch and Cleverley was as muted as ever on Tuesday. We often wonder whether Manchester United would be any worse off playing with ten men. Cleverley simply has to go.

Chris Smalling – Of all the terrible performances last night Smalling’s had to be the worst. He passed the ball straight to the opposition without even being under pressure. He fell over several times in dangerous positions. In general he symbolised the fear and listlessness of Manchester United. We at soccersweep used to be fans of his and he’s been played out of position a lot. But his footwork is getting worse by the week.

Antonio Valencia – What has happened to the guy who frightened the life out of defenders? Valencia was never the most skillful player but he used to do the job of a conventional winger well. He has fallen off the pace so badly that we can’t remember the last time he beat his man and got to the byline. When he does get there you can pretty much guarantee a bad delivery.

Manchester United fans – were these guys the biggest culprits on the park on Tuesday?

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  1. saint jude

    Feb 27, 2014 at 5:05 am

    i agree wit u, but moyes have 2 be sacked. Bcs who knws ,may be d players players dnt like him nd his childish tactis dat he always fix dem in. Nd dey decide 2 sack him wit dea display in d field

  2. in1voice

    Feb 27, 2014 at 5:48 am

    Totally agree. I think you should also include Wellback in the group. Not fair to mention the older ones, like Evra, Giggs,Vidic and Ferdinand, as they were great servants. They need to be replaced with equally good players, otherwise MU will never be as good as before.

    • jack

      Feb 27, 2014 at 5:53 am

      Welbeck has played well this season what are you on about

  3. kiplangat sigei

    Feb 27, 2014 at 6:26 am

    Infact the four are reason why man utd is in the position six now but Moyes is as poor as them as he keeps sticking to them.They should be dropped with immediate effect.

  4. Stuart

    Feb 27, 2014 at 6:27 am

    It’s not beyond me why he keeps picking them it’s because he’s as clueless as the players you’ve listed and you forgot Buttner and Wellbeck couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo.

  5. mojib

    Feb 27, 2014 at 7:46 am

    who says it must be moyes that must be United’s manager mpulsorily

  6. Aliu

    Feb 27, 2014 at 10:05 am

    Fellani not good enough also

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