PICTURE: Is this Manchester United’s next manager?

Manchester United look rudderless right now. As you know we don’t like to sit on the fence where possible. The players have put in some poor performances but ultimately the responsibility lies with the manager. He hasn’t done the business at Manchester United and he looks increasingly out of his depth as the weeks go on.

We blame the manager. Sir Alex Ferguson won the title with this lot last season. The new boss has spent £65 million and the team looks awful.

So it’s definitely time to start talking about an exit strategy for Manchester United – a manager to come in if a decision is taken to get rid of David Moyes.

The obvious choice is Jurgen Klopp. If David Moyes’s managerial style feels very old school, Klopp is the epitome of th modern coach. Watching Dortmund play Zenit on Tuesday was a feast of fast, coherent and flowing football. Football where the players knew what was expected of them and didm;t get in each other’s way.

Klopp has the personality for the job. Watching how he has developed his current team you have to say that he also clearly has the tactical nous to be at the top table of European football.

In general, Klopp is a man who clearly has strong vision of how he wants to play football. The great thing for him is that it fits perfectly with the modern football environment. Having seen David Moyes’s tactics and formations we feel that he is a very limited coach who doesn’t embrace the obvious.

Unfortunately, there is little to no chance that he will make the move this season. He will want to enjoy the fruits of his labour in Europe and The Champions League before he even considers another project.

So, if we were in charge, we would bring Fergie back before the next game and ask Gary Neville to get involved in the day to day management and running of the team. Then Klopp can take charge in June and we can begin to put this horrid season behind us and start slagging England off instead!

Manchester United fans – who would be your first choice as Manchester United manager?

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