Manchester United: Game Over for Moyes?

When you ask those loyal to David Moyes and Alex Ferguson about the current state of affairs at Manchester United they will say that this was always to be expected. After such a long and successful period at the helm there was bound to be a transitional period when Sir Alex stepped down.

But no one could have imagined this. Yes there is sure to be a changing of the guard period when things are a little chaotic. But David Moyes regularly talks about buying more players as if the fundamental problem at the club is the quality of the squad.

To blame Manchester United’s current fortunes on bad players is insulting to Sir Alex Ferguson. It is tantamount to saying that Fergie left the club in a bad state. This is simply not true. Manchester United won the title with these exact players.

Fergie took time to get things right when he joined Manchester United of course. But Fergie turned Manchester United around. When he joined, the club was absolutely miles off the pace. And probably down the pub.

Moyes, on the other hand, has inherited a club of champions – although, looking at them now, you would never know it.

You can never know for sure how well someone is going to adapt to a job until you give them that job. Moyes has been given the job and he is failing to keep Manchester United competitive. And you just can’t see how it’s suddenly going to change.

He has spent £65m but the team is playing worse than last season. He can blame injuries – and they have been bad – but Manchester United, with all their stars fit, still looked rudderless against Stoke. Worst of all, their heads now seem to have gone down under Moyes.

Moyes doesn’t look to be demonstrating the tactical brilliance and man management skills required to get the best out of his players.

Furthermore, he doesn’t always give you the feeling that there is much of a master plan behind the worried eyes. We feel bad for him but the pity must already be wearing thin in some quarters.

The suggestion from around Old Trafford is that Moyes will be given time to sort things out. This loyalty could prove Manchester United’s undoing. In what other job can you fail time and again but be given a couple of years anyway? It’s not as if Manchester United was broken when Moyes took over.

It’s not a knee-jerk reaction. In our opinion Moyes has had ample time. Not to remould a team but to at least demonstrate some positive aspects of his management . Some shoots of innovation – for us he hasn’t done that at all.

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