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Maestro already proving Manchester United wrong


yet another wrong call by Moyes

Watching Ashley Young running around like a headless chicken on a mission for Manchester United at the weekend, leaves you to wonder what Wilfired Zaha did so badly that he didn’t even get a sniff of first team action, before he left for Cardiff.

Ashley Young is, quite simply, one of the worst Manchester United players that I have ever seen. He’s up there with Peter Davenport, Ralph Milne and Alan Smith.

It amazes us that Moyes still hasn’t worked out that Ashley Young is only ever decent when he’s playing at Old Trafford against a minnow. Yet, every time Young does have one such decent performance at home, Moyes decides that Young is going to be a world-beater and selects him for must win away games against solid opponents. It’s incredible how many times this extremely limited winger has been given a stay of execution based on one shot to nothing that goes in the net every 6 months.

Then you cast your eye to South Wales to see Wilfried Zaha give a match winning cameo on his debut for Cardiff. The youngster has superb pace, mobility and dribbling skills. Unlike Young, he puts opponents on the back foot with his menace and desire to take on his man. He stretches and troubles defenders in a way that Young never has and never will.

Zaha may lack finesse at this point but we would have given him 20 games this season had we been running Manchester United. We have opined for months that Zaha should be given a game – some time to show what he can do. But Moyes has stuck with the limited under-performers who will never carry Manchester United to a successful future.

Zaha seems to have been ousted before he even got a chance, despite Manchester United’s wingers being appalling this season. Manchester United have a paucity of quality out wide yet the expensive and untried Zaha is shipped out to Cardiff to dazzle the locals. When is David Moyes actually going to get a big decision right?

Let’s see Zaha’s excellent debut for Cardiff. CLICK FOR ZAHA

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  1. Ericho

    Feb 6, 2014 at 6:24 am

    Clearly, Moyes has got no vision of Man Utd at all. SAF is only human and he, also makes mistake once in awhile. However, Moyes makes mistakes regularly. Still couldn’t understand how is Ashley Young better than Kagawa as he has no creativity at all and often could not get a ball cross to the strikers. Amazing choice, Moyes.

  2. Anumudu emmanuel

    Feb 6, 2014 at 8:03 am

    moyes must be mad,why did he always focused on young instead of januzaj.

  3. Whiskyy8

    Feb 6, 2014 at 3:05 pm

    Come on!

    No one looks at us losing two center backs on one game to injury! You guys are pathetic to call yourself manutd fans. Picking manutd from this lack of form is already a difficult task, but to have injury over injury, come on. Stop blaming Moyes, you must not forget, Ferguson brought the best out of the lads and Moyes is not as good as Fergie just yet and he needs some time. Rome was not built in a day. Give him a few seasons, or at least 1 whole season to buy some quality players and work his vision and tactics. He is definitely the one to continue the heirachy at ManUtd but damn right its not happening tmro, or not even the day after.

  4. Ian W

    Feb 6, 2014 at 10:28 pm

    Shame on you, you should know that anyone who can play Fifa Football manager knows far more about judging a players ability than people who have spent their life in the game and work with players day to day.
    I don’t know but I sense that Zaha is seen as a real natural talent but without application to develop that to what is needed by a United standard player. Interesting what OGS said when he compared Zaha’s potential with CR7, it was about the incredible hard work he saw from Ronnie to improve and how he wanted to see the same commitment from Wilf. Excellent opportunity for him and I hope he takes it.

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