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Published on December 6th, 2013 | by soccersweep


How could Manchester United possibly sign this player?

There has been so much transfer speculation in the newspapers over the last few days pertaining to Manchester United.

After the defeat at home against Everton serious questions are being asked about the capability of David Moyes in the Manchester United hot seat.

And with only one, decidedly average, signing under his belt so far many are expecting him to have a massive splurge in the winter window. The title may already be beyond Manchester United but they will be hellbent on finishing in the top four.

One rumour that has surfaced again over the last 24 hours is that of Everton Ribeiro coming to Manchester United.
The apparent agent of the apparent player has apparently been quoted saying that he has been in talks with Manchester united over a transfer. The Star reports:

Ferreira revealed: ”Man Utd want him. Moyes has been impressed. I’ve already been to England and talked personally with their representative.

“In United’s opinion he’s the complete midfielder.”

Yeah? Really? Well answer me this then. Unless he has an Irish Grandma, How the Dickens is he going to get an EU work permit to play in England? He’s 24 and hasn’t played for the Brazil senior national side once. He’s played 5 times for the U20s but that won’t really count. In order to get a work permit you need to be able to prove that you are better than a native at doing a specific job.

To add further weight to our claim we called up the work permit office in London. They weren’t there. So we have made our own judgement on this. He won’t get a permit.

So let’s put this transfer story to bed for now shall we? Manchester United fans have had quite enough of Everton for one week.

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2 Responses to How could Manchester United possibly sign this player?

  1. MOSES GBEDIA says:

    let moyes leave

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