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Moyes simply has to pick this team vs Newcastle – Januzaj at number 10


Moyes has to play Januzaj in the hole

It’s not going well for the Scotsman. The results haven’t been abject but some of the performances have been.

The biggest worry for Manchester United fans is that David Moyes doesn’t seem to have a clear plan or philosophy for his team right now. His ‘work’ isn’t manifesting itself on the football field in any discernible way.

In his defence, his squad has suffered with injury more than any of United’s major rivals. No other elite club has had to deal with the absence of several key players at once – but Manchester United are currently without two of their best players in Carrick and RvP. Phil Jones has also been excellent recently but sat out the last game due to suspension.

But the problem remains that Moyes isn’t getting the best out of his available players. And, we believe, that he also making selection errors. Manchester United lack dynamism and creativity in the middle of the park. Someone to pick the ball up in the centre circle and run at defenders or pick out a threatening forward pass instead of a safe sideways shuffle.

We believe that Moyes unearthed a gem in Adnan Januzaj but isn’t using him properly. Out wide Januzaj offers moments of brilliance but is only in the game fleetingly. We believe that if he was played in the hole he would have a huge effect on games. He’s not scared to run at the opposition and can hit a lovely pass short or long. He would make things happen for the whole team if he was put in the middle.

While RvP is injured Januzaj should at least be given the chance there. In his only senior outing as number 10 so far, in the Capital One cup against Norwich, he was sublime.

So get Kagawa out left again (if he recovers from the breathing problems he reported after Everton game) and put Adnan in the hole to cause havoc. The other startling omission is Wilfired Zaha. Nani and Young have been shocking this season and Valencia is too conventional to make the difference against top defences. All is clearly not well with the Zaha-Moyes relationship because, otherwise, the brilliant youngster would surely be given more outings.

Zaha is another that offers genuine dynamism. He scares the life out of opposition defenders with his dribbling ability and he has the sort of unpredictability that can make a difference in tight games.

United generally look so painfully predictable right now – playing in straight lines and far too slowly. In RvPs and Rooney’s absence, they should play Chicharito up top and have an attacking three of Kagawa, Januzaj and Zaha behind him – what a creative threesome.

Jones has to play in midfield and, in the absence of any feasible alternative (Fellaini is painful to watch, Cleverley is hauntingly limited and Giggs can’t play two games in a week), why not give Anderson a run out?

Signings are needed at Manchester United but Moyes should still be able to have a successful side with the players he has. We strongly believe that this side would do serious damage in The Premier League. Moyes needs to be bold right now. Give Zaha a bash and play Januzaj through the middle for added creativity and dynamism.

The best Manchester United XI vs Newcastle (4-2-3-1):

De Gea, Rafael, Vidic, Ferdinand, Evra, Jones, Anderson, Zaha, Januzaj, Kagawa, Chicharito

Let’s have your thoughts United fans.

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  1. karlomu

    Dec 6, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    I`d love to see that team line up tomorrow but with Evans in instead of Rio and Kagawa at ten , but a top four like this would cos such problems with interchanging of positions and link up play all have the ability to do so , good pick , Moyes seems not to trust the squad like Fergie did and this is eating away at the self belief that had made Utd so successful for so long, gone are the late come backs and i think this is down to the lack of belief shown by Moyes, but we can`t expect Utd to be like the Utd of the Fergie era cos Fergie was the greatest of all time and now he`s gone we`ll have to face a new reality that the levels of success we are accustomed to will no longer be sustainable under Moyes or under any other manager of that fact.We are still the biggest club in England and i do think Moyes will be a success, but he will need time to turn things round in that time we as supporters will have to lower our expectations…

  2. Davie

    Dec 6, 2013 at 7:59 pm

    My worry is that Moyes has made Man U to be like any ordinary lower teams, he looks up until now doesnt know Man U players, I really wonder what on earth should young be playing while Zaha is not even on the bench. This coach will not assist us, I have really lost patient with Moyes, pleasex1000 fire him pleasex1000 before we are relegated. This coach wont assist us

  3. Amaechi

    Dec 6, 2013 at 9:34 pm

    In my opinion,fergie created all the problems in man utd today….why?…he signed alot of medicore average players into our squad all in the name of bringing in promising young talents(anderson,young,valencia,nani,) and also sentimentally promoting and retaining average british players who should never on a good day put on united jersey(welbeck and clevereley)..couple with his refusal to sign worldclass midfielder and in the process still lost pogba to juventus

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