Opinion: Newcastle’s new Manager dissected


Newcastle United have hard it hard for several games now as their losing streak just continues to get worse and worse.

Due to all the frustration and uproar around their performances; One man has taken the brunt of the ongoing verbal force.

This man is none other than Steve McClaren.

McClaren has a sound level of experience but he clearly doesn’t cut it for an EPL side as his run as Newcastle United’s manager has been appalling and the fans certainly know it.

It would take a miracle for Newcastle United to survive and stay up in the English Premier League for next season as they sit second last.

Rafa Benitez has been rumoured to be joining Newcastle at the end of the season and is looking like the key figure to replace McClaren as his experience at both Napoli and Real Madrid were proof that he is capable of at least holding his own with big clubs around the world, Something which Steve McClaren clearly struggles with.

Steve McClaren had a brief managerial role for England and was also accredited with managing Derby County but that’s as far as his resume list goes if you are after semi-big clubs that he has managed.

It was never going to be an exciting time with a sound rated manager such as McClaren but the Newcastle United fans weren’t expecting their team’s EPL campaign to end up this bad.

Being 19th on the EPL ladder with only a handful of games left surely cements Steve McClaren’s rumoured sacking because if he stays then Owner Mike Ashley and co are going to feel the burn in the form of outrage from the Newcastle United faithful.

Newcastle United and their often aren’t the receivers of good news but there are very logical examples as to why Newcastle could acquire the services of Rafa Benitez, David Moyes or Brendan Rodgers.

Rafa Benitez:

Benitez has succumbed to the fact that he could little more than hold a struggling Real Madrid side together and the fans of the Spanish club knew Rafa Benitez was the bedt man for the job so realistically he could opt for the next best option, the EPL, and Newcastle United are likely favourites currently.

David Moyes:

Moyes has had sound experience with Everton. The manager helped to create a strong and independent club from what seemed like an average group of players with little ambution so if this is possible at Everton then it surely could be a plausible stop for Moyes at Newcastle as he has a quality squad to work with.

Brendan Rodgers:

Rogers, like Moyes, has had a wealth of experience in the EPL but his signing of Mario Balotelli at Liverpool was his inevitable downfall as it created tension within the club off and on the field.

Not many managers have many second chances in theur career after devastating a club like Moyes did but if Newcaslte United opt for his signature then he may just offer enough to turn their dreadful form around.

If the rumours go in the favour of the fans and Rafa Benitez does ply his trade for Newcastle United by the end of the season then they will be able to rejoice as Rafa Benitez will arguably be their best manager signing in almost a decade.

All three of the rumoured managers could potentially land on the North-East club’s doorstep. Only time will tell.



  1. Druid

    Mar 11, 2016 at 9:48 am

    If they are relegated and plan to stay in the Championship for several years: Rodgers might be able to handle it. Benitez is a great manager – Moyes is a good one. Rodgers is not in the same league.

  2. gaz

    Mar 11, 2016 at 6:31 pm

    i predicted relegation & the sacking of mclaren as soon as he was signed as manager. Any of the fore mentioned managers are an upgrade, rodgers or benitez will do a good job & given time possibly moyes as well.

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