The 3 talking points: Newcastle 1-3 Bournemouth


1. Weak defensive duties vs strong attack:

Newcastle United have been limited due to their injury influx as of early and late.

Their depth in the squad has been critical cut back for quite some time which has led certain players to play one too many games and thus leading to their own fatigue crisis within the first eleven.

This sums up the dire situation Newcastle United are currently facing and it seems as though their luck is only going to worsen if you consider the fact that Newcastle are winless within their last 3 games.

If this statistic is anything to go by then you can also consider the fact that the teams that beat this struggling Newcastle United side are Chelsea, Stoke and Bournemouth.

This re-assures us that it isn’t the classic small-team trumping that Newcastle United normally face but rather all levels of teams in the EPL are demolishing Newcastle right now.

Newcastle United can certainly blame their player’s lack of ambition for their recent losses but this primarily comes from their defensive line and weak it has gotten in recent years.

Despite Newcastle’s basic defensive line-up; Their attack is impressive.

Now let’s not over-talk the final third plays but they sure do hold more weight than the defensive duties have lately.

The young yet attacking presence was definitely their against Bournemouth but only Perez and his goal could offer some dignity for this weak side.

2. Newcastle’s inability to choose appropriate transfers.

Newcastle been the joke of several internet pages and groups alike but it’s been acutely targeted in recent years to their influx of particular players and their nationalities.

Originally it was the influx of French players that led to hilarious jokes online but in more recent times it’s been their quality choice. This makes everything all the more worse for the North-East side.

Players such as Shelvey, who provide the impressive pass to set up Perez, provide a perfect example as to Newcastle odd choice of players.

He has always been a player to provide a half-attempted effort so it seems such an odd thing for Newcastle to purchase him for millions ranging into double digits if he may well under-perform.

Mistakes such as this is what is making Newcastle’s EPL hopes for next season dimmer.

3. Manager sacking to come?

Fans chanting “You’re getting sacked in the morning” is enough negative attitude to cause a stir in any club’s boardroom and it would come as no surprise if Steve McClaren doesn’t survive the season’s end because of his failure to turn Newcastle’s season around yet.

This defeat against Bournemouth has surely sealed the manager’s fate.


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