Sit Down Mourinho: After time out for yoga and meditation, the polarising Portuguese should rebuild Manchester United


United Beckons

He’s one of the more controversial figures in world football but his record speaks for itself.

So although his signature now represents something of a risk, he will surely be courted by more huge clubs before long.

We feel that the ex-Chelsea boss is clearly a points machine but he needs to have a little tweak of that personality.

In truth, there is no reason for him to be quite so contentious. He perhaps believes that he needs to be constantly screaming conspiracy and putting peoples’ noses out of joint in order to be successful.

But we feel that the Chelsea legend needs to redress the balance and find a little more harmony within himself. Football is just entertainment after all Jose! His antics aren’t necessary and they make him look immature and spoilt. What’s more, PR skills and man-management are ever more important tools in successful coaching at the top level.

We would prescribe a couple of weeks of yoga and meditation somewhere remote before he takes on the world of football again. After that, where should, could and will the ingenious coach go next? Surely Manchester United is the natural fit?

Manchester United

The top bods at Manchester United clearly have great respect for Louis van Gaal. And rightly so.

But defeat to Norwich at home should signal the end for the Dutchman. It’s simply not good enough.

And how Mourinho would relish the chance to rock up at Manchester United and challenge his old club.

Regardless of his volcanic personality, we think Manchester United would be mad to let this opportunity pass them by again.

The obvious concern is that Jose doesn’t engender the most attacking brand of football. But that’s not strictly true and, with some United fans fearing the football abyss over the next few years, if Jose were winning silverware at Old Trafford no one at the club would give a monkeys.

Furthermore, with Jose’s mentor Louis van Gaal the current incumbent of the hotseat, the succession could be quite smooth on and off the pitch.

Real Madrid

He did’t exactly leave on great terms but Real Madrid may well change their coach again at the end of the season and Jose would have to be in the running if he hasn’t found a job by that point.

Inter Milan

Perhaps the club where he is most loved (Porto fans may wish to argue). In his stint as manager there he took the club to an utterly remarkable treble in a league which was, at the time, way behind Spain and England in terms of quality.

But a move back there is unlikely as current coach Roberto Mancini is doing a great job. And, after the Chelsea experience, Jose may well adhere to the age old football principle that you should ‘never go back’ to your old club.


PSG tend to go for the best of everything but Laurent Blanc is currently doing at great job at the club.

So Manchester United may just beckon for the polarising Portuguese.

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