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Speedster wants trial at Manchester United


Nah mate

He’s easily one of the most talented sports stars in the world.

But, unfortunately for Usain Bolt, he’s in the wrong field to be seriously considered for a place in the team at Manchester United.

Yet he’s been banging on about getting a contract again in his latest public utterances.

He told MUTV (via The Sun):

“I think if I do a trial, then they would say, ‘You know what, here is a contract for five years! You are 30 years old, here’s a five-year contract. Let’s just do it!’”

It’s difficult to know whether the uber-confident 100m world champion is being serious or whether it’s all a bit tongue in cheek – or whether he’s just absolutely off his chops.

And, having never seen him play, it would be unfair of us to dismiss his claim out of hand.

But he watches Manchester United regularly and must see the level of skill required to play professional football – let alone the elite level football that United play.

He could certainly address the lack of pace in the side right now. But, beyond that, he’s getting nowhere near the team.

Let’s assume that he’s just having a bit of a laugh – he is, after all, one of Manchester United’s biggest fans and a light-hearted chap.

Here’s some footage of the big man in action on the football field. Based on this vid, if Bolt is getting a trial at Manchester United, I want one too.


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