Attacking midfielder arrives at Arsenal



He won’t be the immediate answer to Arsenal’s need for a better spine through the side, but all top clubs plan for the future and Arsenal have always been known for investing in youth.

Their latest potential recruit is 16 year old Uruguayan attacking midfielder Federico Valverde. He has arrived at Arsenal for a week long trial and such is the value placed on the lad that his club, Penarol, are said to have insisted on Arsenal taking out insurance in case the lad gets injured, according to The Metro.

Penarol won’t make it easy for the excellent youngster to leave and a spokesman for the club said that the trial doesn’t mean that a move to Arsenal is inevitable.

‘Penarol has no intention of selling its star to Arsenal or any other team. However, this club was so insistent that we accept to travel for a week.’

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger clearly loves an attacking midfielder and you can only assume that he is using the great Barcelona team of 2008-2012 as his ideal template, packing the team with technically adept midfielders and paying less attention to the physical side of the game.

It may pay dividends but football is an ever changing game and the model of Bayern Munich, with a little more emphasis on physicality, seems to be more efficient right now.

Arsenal fans: Are there too many attacking midfielders at the club in general?



  1. Jack Wamba

    Jan 6, 2015 at 5:03 pm

    Arsenal’s goal keeper schezny is reported to have been caught smoking – and fiked 20K by Wenger. But if Wenger is indeed attempting to sign a 16-year-old, then i wonder what he (wenger) himself might be smoking!!! Arsenal’s manager may as well be smoking weed, in which case he deserves a heavier fine – firing him from the managerial role at the Arsenal.

  2. kamal

    Jan 6, 2015 at 6:00 pm

    Please wenger buy depensive midpielder 4 us

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