Arsenal finally make their move. Why did it take this long? Report

Arsenal finally make their move. Why did it take this long? Report


The more cynical amongst us have opined for ages about the apparent indecision of Arsenal in the transfer market. And this appears to be the perfect example.

Because Arsenal have reportedly, and belatedly, joined Chelsea in the hunt for QPR hitman Loic Remy. But the deal to Chelsea now looks done and dusted.

With Chelsea seemingly matching the valuation that QPR have for the player they appear close to bringing Remy to the club.

And the goalposts have moved slightly of late at Arsenal with the injury to Olivier Giroud.

But Arsenal were being linked to this guy in May and it was obviously then that they needed another striker. Someone with pace and speed on the counter.

So why has it taken this long – now that Chelsea are set to take the player – for Arsenal to get serious about Remy?

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The Daily Mail reports:

Arsenal agree to meet Loic Remy’s QPR release clause as Gunners join Chelsea in the hunt for striker

Injuries or no injuries Remy would provide the perfect complement to what Arsenal and Chelsea currently have in the locker. Both have good number nines but there isn’t a huge amount of raw pace up top at either club.

There have been rumours that the player has injury concerns but at £8m it’s hardly going to bring either club down if the deal doesn’t work out. This is most certainly a gamble worth taking.

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  1. I think wenger is going to very busy on the lastday of transfer; we hope he should bring atleast three new faces in the squad( CD,DM and a clinical finisher like falcao, cavani etc)

  2. Think back to the end of last season when Loic Remy was spotted in the emeritae s the deal was supposed to have been done then. Just one question what went wrong? Who are we going to sign between now and the window shutting ?It’s a disgrace if through negligence we have let him go.anyone agree?

    • Wenger is on his way to the drop zone, that’s all! What a shame! He will make do with his lazy countrymen as strikers.