Arsenal set for late bid for majestic international – report



Arsene Wenger looks quite satisfied with his summer swoops but the injury to Olivier Giroud has caused him a headache which may well see him delve into the market on the last day of the window.

A short term option may be secired. Or Arsneal could still make the Hollywood signing of Radamel Falcao or Edinson Cavani.

But we also still feel that the midfield lacks balance and, to that end, there is a perfect long-term option available.

But with other clubs potentially circling and Arsenal not known for their decisiveness in the market they may lose out on this one if they don’t move now.

Because, for our money, the signing of William Carvalho of Sporting Lisbon would represent a marvellous last day of business for the club.

He’s much more than a midfield destroyer. Carvalho, who has 6 caps for Portugal, is a fierce competitor who will give Arsenal a stronger look. But he also has a super first touch and great range of passing. Before long he will be controlling the tempo of the midfield for a big team. Could that be Arsenal?

We think that he would be a brilliant investment and the media still thinks that Arsenal could do a deal in this window.

The Daily Mail reckons:

Arsenal ready to make £20m bid for William Carvalho

Let’s have a look at this majestic young midfielder in action. Arsenal fans: a priority or should Wenger be concentrating on strikers?




  1. charles goonerate

    Aug 31, 2014 at 11:12 am

    remy is just a cleaver giroud.!!!!

  2. paul35mm

    Aug 31, 2014 at 5:30 pm

    Arsenal aren’t going to sign Carvalho or anyone else. They have Yaya Sanogo. Who needs a striker when you have the Spastic Giraffe? Sanogo is keeping Podolski and Campbell on the bench with his brilliant imitations of an epileptic okapi so why woould Arsenal sign a striker or a defensive midfielder? It won’t do any good. you can’t win games scoring no goals and scoring no goals is Yaya Sanogo’s specialty. Just save the money and buy Arsene a new coat. The results will be the same, a mid-table finish.

    The club that drew to Leicester have zero chance or playing at the same level as Man City, Liverpool, or Chelsea. They won’t beat Tottenham, Man U, Everton (we say that already) or even Swansea. So why would any top-shelf player sign with Arsenal?

    Joel Campbell is an idiot if he doesn’t immediately demand a transfer. If you are stuck behind the Spastic Giraffe, your manager thinks you suck. Plain and simple.

    • Mac_Abre

      Sep 2, 2014 at 5:22 am

      paul35mm in your parlance, what kind of spastic troll are you?

      Wenger has one thing over you, and the team you support and that is wisdom.

      The team you support only know one way of playing Arsenal, and that is kicking them, and fouling them. You’re hick teams are talentless classless lowlifes, when you consider the amount of fouls and the yellow cards players should have if only referee’s weren’t so bias, then Arsenal would be playing against 10 perhaps 9 men most premiership games.

      If Arsenal once played like a Leicester or a Stoke, the premiership would lose its value very fast.

      But what is really sickening is the referee who see’s simulation yet blows for a foul, time after time.

      As soon as refereeing improves as the season gets underway, Arsenal will have less injury problems, and your teams dirty tactics will be punished properly.

      As for Sanogo, do your frickin’ research plankton. He scored 4 goals against Benfica pre-season.

      And just in case you didn’t notice, Arsenal went through the whole month of August, not losing any match.

      So enlighten me, where do you get your evidence from – hicks news hacks?

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