Manchester United: Ed Woodward: So Bad They Named Him Twice – almost

Well this surely wasn’t the plan.

Woodward told the world that Manchester United had bucket loads of cash to spend in the middle of the summer. Now that seems as if it was a desperate sales pitch to bring players to the club.

“Of course it’s in our capabilities,” he said towards the end of July. “You guys think about the money in a way that I don’t. I get pointed in the direction of a target that the manager wants and there is an assessment of what that might cost and I’ll negotiate hard to do the best I can on the trade.

“I stand by what I said – there is no budget. We are in a very strong financial position. We can make big signings.

Since then Manchester United have added one player who, albeit decent, isn’t the marquee man that many hoped would be signed this summer to take the club immediately back to the top.

Ed Woodward has 10 days to save his job, otherwise he will surely get the chop, regardless of whether this mess is actually his fault.

Of course The Glazers could ultimately be responsible for this situation. They may have been even less forthcoming with the cash than everyone had assumed they would be in times of real trouble.

But Woodward is the obvious scapegoat or fall guy and unless Manchester United do some unbelievable business in the next week or so then surely it’s goodbye to Woodward.

To further compound the problems, the news today that Danny Welbeck could be on his out of the club has generated even more consternation from the fans who expect arrivals rather than departures this summer. We talk about getting rid of the deadwood. But, with so many problems signing players, United should surely be holding on to what they have at the moment. Welbeck is the right age and profile to be an important player for Manchester United for a decade. So why let him go, with no obvious replacements?

Manchester United fans: let us know your thoughts on this one. Who’s to blame? Is it Ed Woodward or The Glazers?