Manchester United’s Line Up by September?

Manchester United’s Line Up by September?


The transfer window has been a real slog for Manchester United fans so far and the last dozen days is going to be particularly painstaking.

Marcos Rojo has come in and ideally Manchester United will sign several more players well before the end of the window.

But anyone who has followed the club over the years will know that they tend to do things in a dramatic way. Last season fans were still left wondering who exactly Manchester United had signed, even after the window was closed, and expect a similar mad dash on the last day again.

But we have to be optimistic that Manchester United will bring in some serious quality before September. Money is the biggest factor in football and United would appear to have a lot of it right now.

So there is still a belief that the spine of the team can be seriously strengthened over the next two weeks.

We haven’t heard much about Arturo Vidal over the last week or so but this transfer is still burning. There is a willingness from the player to sign for Manchester United so if the club can come up with the right money he could still be a united player come September.

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The team desperately needs an experienced centre back and Mehdi Benatia seems the most likely addition right now. If Bayern don’t get their way he could come to United.

And then there is the big one. Will United get Di Maria? He seems set for move so let’s hope that it’s to The Red Devils. If all goes well United could line up like this come September – a team to be really proud of once more.

De Gea, Rojo, Benatia, Jones – Shaw, Herrera, Vidal, Mata, Di Maria – Rooney, RvP

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  1. i’m not sure if Di maria,Vidal, and Benatia will be there.
    But I will be happy to see such players to appear in the united line up.