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Published on August 11th, 2014 | by soccersweep


Manchester United: 3 player deal mooted – report

Welcome to chapter 164 of the ever more tedious transfer of Arturo Vidal to Manchester United.

The longer this one goes on the more the hope and expectation builds. But it also means that, if the deal does fail, there will be huge disappointment – equivalent to when the Wesley Sneijder deal didn’t come off a couple of years ago.

It is, at once, wise and frustrating that Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal isn’t prepared to discuss his targets.

But it is easy to see why Vidal would be one of them. Because Manchester United are in need of a facelift in the midfield and we think that Vidal and Herrera could form a fantastic partnership with Mata just in front.

The Metro now reckons that Javier Hernandez and Marouane Fellaini may go to Juventus in the latest twist in negotiations.

Manchester United’s pursuit of Arturo Vidal could come closer to completion in the coming days with the player’s agent set to meet with Louis van Gaal, according to reports.

And the Italian outlet claim Felicevich will travel north to Manchester to meet with United boss Van Gaal over a deal for Vidal, which could possibly see both Marouane Fellaini and Javier Hernandez moving to Turin in a player-plus-cash transfer.

While we would be sad to see Chicharito leave, if he took The Lampshade with him and it meant getting Vidal, it’s worth it.

Vidal’s agent was spotted in London at The Community Shield on Sunday and it’s not unreasonable to suggest that he may be on his way to negotiations for the player at Manchester United.

But we think the most important thing is that a fee is agreed with the selling club because we would imagine personal terms won’t be an issue.

With the season starting this weekend Louis van Gaal will want his players in place ASAP so we’re hoping at least one player will be signed this week. If Manchester United can get Cuadrado and Vidal in before the season starts it will be happy days.

Manchester United fans: who confident are you that this will happen?

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13 Responses to Manchester United: 3 player deal mooted – report

  1. Rahul Menon says:

    If these deals work out… we gonna see a lot f goals this season :)

  2. tiofills says:

    The league is almost around the conner and we are here building speculations that never come to fruition,does it mean that my believe LVG will attract quality players is gradually becoming a fluke? Pls LVG, do this spending b4 we lose this players to more serious and ambitious teams.

  3. Dare abdulwahab says:

    Thank you van gaal but be fast take vidal and cuadrado to old trafford.

  4. Plz van gaal do this signings quickly, at least vidal and cuadrado before the the starting of the league

  5. Omo Lee says:

    Van Gaal will never do it, maybe he want Man United to be a midtable team again this season, I dont even understand both Van Gaal and Ed Woodward, they are just lie to Fans of signning players which they will not do, Angel Di Maria is available now, Juan Cuadrado is available but they will never sign anyone of them before the other teams will sign them, then it will be another blow to fans, this people are only after selling their tickets to fans, but never mind to entertain the fans. very bad of them but I know they will regret this at the end of the season

  6. lawizzy el nino says:

    As a die hard man utd fan of many years its my experience that we will start the season just as it is and will not get any new players in (at least not cudrado, vidal or de maria) because believe it or not, its not just the united way. We have already signed 4 players above 25m in the past year (fella, mata, herre and shaw) and u really expect us to still go ahead and sign vidal for 40+ and still cudrado for 35+ and then de maria for 50+ REALLY!!!!!!! it hurts to say this because the little boy in me wishes dreams come true but they dont. we will prbably get blind and one more central defender maybe vlar and its curtains! mark my words. glazers are not abramovich or sheikhs either. Plus we have not sold any players of note to raise funds

  7. lawizzy el nino says:

    the only reason we got herrera and shaw in so quickly were because those deals were agreed long before the season was over. so perhaps we need to give ED WARD wood WARD another 2 windows to sign the next set of high profile players! I cant wait till the window is closed so we can all have some peace

  8. Umar says:

    We’ve tired with all this rumours, man u to sign this, and man u agree this…

  9. Steve says:

    Woodward said money is no problem, and they can sign anyone for any price. I have to laugh at this. Every player they linked with ends up signing for someone else because of the price!!!

  10. Bikorwomuhangi Godfrey says:

    we dont expect LvG to be like moyes.Apart from Herera ,show we have lost Fednand,vidic,Evra and the retirement of Giggs & scoles who need to be replaced if LvG wants to be honourd “sir” like Alex F’gs’n.we still have bulls to sloughter when celebrating Trophies.

  11. Omugetum george aryon says:

    LvG,shd know that Big is by example.he already has abig name so do we need classic & high profile players to match him.

  12. All fans are ambitious for world class stars at oldtrafford but we must also understand that things are never like we espect them to be pls lets exercise patience and know that lvg is more ambitious bcouse he want a good name.long leave manchester united long leave united fans.

  13. michmcd says:

    its gona b fyn even if those guys don’t come …glory grory man united

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