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Manchester United: The worst addition of the summer?

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Last summer Manchester United fans had to suffer the arrival of Marouane Fellaini as their main signing of the window.

There were concerns before he signed that he wasn’t technically good enough to be a top Manchester United midfielder. And, in his first few months at the club, he proved to many that he wouldn’t be up to scratch. His injury around winter time arguably saved him from further embarrassment.

Thankfully, the worst arrival of this summer is much less expensive.

But Manchester United would have to go quite a long way, in our view, to make a worse kit than the new 3rd strip, which was on show at United’s game vs Inter earlier this week.

If the club is going to change a kit or two for commercial purposes every year then they could at least make good ones. The black one was magic. But this? This is a throw back to the dark days.

The blue change strip with bright orange go faster stripes down the side and the ugly collar is absolutely awful – like three different kits hurriedly rushed together with left over scraps of fabric.

The collar has perhaps been employed to show a discernible change to the customer from the previous 3rd strip, but collars are simply unnecessary on a football shirt – flappy and unnecessary.

We’d be surprised if this one flew off the shelves because, in our view, it’s pony. Really pony.

Manchester United fans: will you be buying it?

Picture courtesy of The Daily Mirror

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Arrontp

    Aug 1, 2014 at 11:56 am

    I love this new 3rd kit, I think it’s different to the others and stands out more in a good way. I really can’t see how some people don’t like it?

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