Manchester United’s new No.7?

It is an amazing situation, and one which is indicative of the current period of transition at Manchester United, that the team is without currently without a number 3,5,7,9, 11 or 15.

Of course, current players will fill some of those jerseys before the season starts.

New boy Ander Herrera was given the number 21 shirt for his debut against The LA Galaxy – the same shirt numbers he had at Bilbao.

Looking at his debut performance you would have to say that his talent befits the number 7 but it seems that he will stick with the 21.

So perhaps the number seven shirt is being kept on ice for the potential arrival of the brilliant Arturo Vidal.

Reports yesterday suggested that a new bid had gone in for the player and we think that Vidal could be the rightful successor to the throne of players like Bryan Robson.

Manchester United have also had number 7s with more attacking instincts, like Beckham, Ronaldo and Owen as well but it looks as if the next tenant could be more on the combative side of things.

Manchester United are desperate for a holding midfielder and the game against The Galaxy only highlighted that fact. Fletcher gave a really decent performance but Cleverley was a typically low key introduction after half-time and a real personality is required for that spot in the team.

It’s been a drawn out pursuit already and the player seems uncertain where his future lies. There have even been quotes which suggest he’s not coming to United.

But let’s wait for an official conclusion before we discount the move completely, in what will continue to be a roller coaster summer in the market.

Other teams will clearly be interested after The World Cup that Vidal had so Manchester United are really going to have to pull their fingers out on this one.

If that deal does fall through the only other potentially available player who can aspire to the same sort of calibre as Vidal in the current market is Kevin Strootman of Roma. He has begun training again after a serious injury and looks like the other favourite to wear the number seven jersey next season.

But let’s see some more Vidal magic. Manchester United fans: is this now an urgent signing for the club?