Manchester United – £42.5m worth of top talent shunted out of the back door?

Successful clubs don’t stand still for very long – and Manchester United have been very successful club over the last two decades in particular.

Having fallen off the pace to a dramatic degree over the last year they’ll be even more hellbent on moving forward in the right direction under new manager Louis van Gaal.

But, in the long term, Manchester United will only prosper if they are respectful towards members of staff, past and present, and the fans.

The ‘members of staff’ that we specifically refer to here are Patrice Evra (who Manchester United signed for £5.5m), Rio Ferdinand (£30m) and Nemanja Vidic (£7m). We don’t think that any Manchester United fans would disagree with the notion that they are three of the best players to ever pull on the famous red jersey.

The timing of their departures may have been inopportune but they still should have got far better send offs than Manchester United gave them.

We would go as far as to say that it’s a disgrace. Three true Manchester United legends being shunted out of the back door. Manchester United fans want success and progress – but not at the expense of the club’s reputation.

If you want to be a respected club then you need to respect those around you and Manchester United should take time out to honour the achievements of these three, who have all been such huge catalysts in the most successful period in Manchester United’s history.

We strongly believe that Manchester United should have a testimonial for all three so that the fans can give them the send off that they deserve.

All three must have a slightly bitter taste in the mouth about their departures from the club after all they’ve given.

And, as much as anything, the fans deserve the chance to pay tribute to the trio in a live performance.

Perhaps Manchester United will take time out to organise an event to celebrate the careers of these three true Manchester United legends at the end of the season. We certainly hope so. It’s not all about money is it?

Manchester United fans don’t you think it’s crucial that legends of the club are given a proper send off?

Let’s have your support on this one and we will forward your comments to the club.