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Perfection: Exactly what Manchester United fans want to hear

Van Gaal: A man of character

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This Louis van Gaal hey? What a guy!

With each passing day as Manchester United manager he makes a comment or does something which gives you even more confidence that this is the perfect protector of the club. The man to put the fear back into the opposition and get the balance right in the team again.

He alluded to the heavy burden of commercial responsibilities placed on Manchester United in his very first press conference at the club and has gone further, in the last day or so, to directly state that he’s not happy with the length of, or distances travelled during, the money spinning preseason tours.

All power to the man. Manchester United have signed Louis van Gaal to win back The Premier league title and he wants to have the perfect circumstances to do it.

The money men at Manchester can’t have it both ways. And they must surely realise that a successful team has to be the priority. The Telegraph reports:

“More or less, yes,” Van Gaal said, when asked whether the commercial demands were impinging on his training plans.

“We have to prepare the season and when you have commercial activities and dreadful distances, having to fly a lot and the jet lag, it is not very positive for a good preparation.

And in relation to whether things would be different next season:

“Yes, I hope that (it will be shorter),” Van Gaal said. “But they have already said that to me and I am very confident that it shall be.

If these preseason trips mean that Manchester United can sign the best players in the world then they would probably take it on the chin.

But, despite the bullish talk from Ed Woodward about transfers, we don’s see any marquee signings. Where are these world class recruits?

Manchester United have done good business so far but we have yet to see the record breaking transfers which Woodward assures us that the club is capable of.

Even though the Manchester United players look pretty spritely and happy in training, a long trip to America is surely the last thing that they would want after a draining World Cup campaign.

It must be particularly disorientating for a player like Luke Shaw ho is only 19 and has just signed a massive deal at the club.

We understand the importance of business in football these days. With the amounts of money being passed around the game Manchester United need commercial activities in order to compete financially.

But if these tours are having a detrimental effect on the players then surely something is seriously wrong. The priority has to be getting a tip top team on the park come August. Not swanning around America trying to pick up new business. If the team is winning trophies then the sponsors will flock to Manchester United.

United fans: thoughts please?

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