Manchester United: Right club, but wrong signing linked – again

It doesn’t take a Louis van Gaal to realise that Manchester United’s midfield isn’t what it used to be.

A couple of years ago, even though Manchester United went on to win the league, we saw a portent of the midfield demise when Gareth Bale waltzed through the centre of Manchester United at will to score a goal at Old Trafford.

And last season the soft centre was exposed time and again. Anderson and Cleverley haven’t worked out. Carrick and Fletcher are now veterans. Fellaini? You do the math. So serious investment is required.

Reports over the weekend suggest that Manchester United are keen on the Scottish born Republic of Ireland dynamo James McCarthy. The Daily Mail stated:

James McCarthy has emerged another target for Manchester United.

McCarthy is rated at around £20m by Everton and had been lined up by United’s former boss David Moyes.

Don’t get us wrong. McCarthy is an excellent player who has shades of Keano. He’s usually first into the tackle and has excellent distribution.

But Manchester United made the mistake last year of going for the wrong Toffee – Fellaini of course – and we wouldn’t want that happening again. If they want to be the best then they have to sign the best.

Of course, a defensive midfielder is needed. But Ross Barkley could do a job in the engine room – and so much more.

He’s going to be the best player in England in a year or two. He’s a true force of nature and so similar to Wayne Rooney in that way. Like Wazza, he’s the sort of player who can carry a whole team when he needs to. His engine, athleticism, speed, guile, and raw technique is so spellbinding that he can’t fail to rise to the very top can he?

As we have stressed before, he’s very happy where he is right now. So he may be beyond the reach of even Manchester United. But signing Mccarthy would only annoy the top brass at Goodison and perhaps make a future deal for Barkley even less likely.

So, we think that, until there is a whiff of a chance of getting the sublime Englishman Manchester United should stay well clear of Roberto Martinez’s honourable club.

But let’s see Mccarthy in action. Manchester United fans: Worth £20m or should United wait for the Worldie?