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Exactly what Manchester United fans Don’t want to hear


Good move?

Even before getting close to Manchester Louis van Gaal has already endeared himself to Manchester United fans this summer.

Not only has he lead Holland in a way which suggests that he’s a visionary and a maestro of a manager.

But he’s also signed two really good players for the club – albeit players that David Moyes clearly identified in the first place.

And Manchester United definitely need a single-minded manager who can be his own man and make decisions – however unpopular.

But, let us tell you this Louis, it would be an extremely unpopular decision if you do actually sign Dirk Kuyt, as is being suggested.

Very few players have played for Manchester United after turning out for their North West rivals over the years – but this idea, in itself, wouldn’t be the major problem.

It’s the notion of signing a 33 year old who looks as if he’s been put out to pasture in Turkey that would put many noses out of joint at Manchester United.

Some reckon that Louis wants Kuyt due to his athleticism and ability to play selflessly at wing back.

But Manchester United already have players like Darren Fletcher, Antonio Valencia and Javier Hernandez who can really put in a shift and run all day. Hard-working players aren’t exactly difficult to find.

Manchester United fans would be massively underwhelmed if Kuyt did sign for the club and we can’t imagine him having much of an impact on the team.

If Louis van Gaal wants wing backs then he will find 3 superb ones already at the club in Shaw, Rafael and Antonio Valencia – players who will work their socks off whatever they are asked to do.

We just can’t see a place in the squad for Kuyt. So for our money it’s exactly what Manchester United fans do not want to hear. But lets have your thoughts on this one.

Is there anyone out there who thinks Kuyt would be a good signing?




  1. Eoin

    Jul 3, 2014 at 12:01 am

    I like Kuyt as a person, he might not be the most emphatic statement signing compared to others mentioned but he would add a lot in the dressing room with is attitude, plus he fills numerous positions if players are injured. If United can pick him up for £3 million then fair game. Obviously he wouldn’t be a first choice player but I think he would be an excellent addition in terms of drive and mentality. Anyway I like Kuyt he scored 18 goals last year and can fill in at LB RB wings… one of the most underrated utility men of his generation and still has a couple years left in him thanks to his work ethic.

  2. Alex

    Jul 3, 2014 at 8:00 pm

    When he was playing for Liverpool , he was only the player that people says he can play for Man U so if we can buy him for that amount £3 million that’s fine as he still have the energy to do it.

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