Manchester United: What’s Wrong With These 3 SUPERSTARS LOUIS?

Manchester United fans’ worst fears about a sluggish start in the transfer market seem to be coming to fruition. The concern with bringing in the new manager was that his World Cup commitments would delay Manchester United’s transfer activity and that does seem to be happening.

Of course, it may all be media speculation, but the other notable theme of the summer is the growing list of stars that Louis apparently DOESN’T want.

First we were informed that he DIDN’T want Toni Kroos:

Louis van Gaal tells Manchester United he does not want the club to pursue signing of Bayern Munich and Germany midfielder Toni Kroos, a key target for David Moyes

Then LvG apparently told Manchester United that he DIDN’T want Cesc:

But while his first club, Arsenal, are watching developments, United will not enter an auction for a player who is not on new manager Louis van Gaal’s wish-list.

And, most recently, we have been informed by The Guardian that LvG DOESN”T fancy Mangala all that much either:

The Holland coach, who will take charge when their World Cup campaign ends, is an admirer of Mangala but is unsure if the 23-year-old has yet to fully mature.

While Van Gaal needs to replace the departed centre-backs Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic as he seeks to rebuild his United squad this summer, the France defender is not among his prime choices, with the 62-year-old instead targeting Borussia Dortmund’s Mats Hummels.

Over the last 25 years at Manchester United there’s been so much solidity and success that it’s almost become the default position of the fans to assume everything is going to be okay.

They thought that everything would be okay under David Moyes even though the results suggested very differently – Manchester United just didn’t perform under the Scotsman.

And now Louis van Gaal is coming to the club and, again, most people feel that everything will be okay at Manchester United.

But while Liverpool,Chelsea and Manchester City have all hit the ground running with transfer activity, Manchester United are dragging their heels in a crucial summer for the club.

We must ask, what’s so wrong with Mangala, Kroos and Fabregas? We think that they are, in fact, the perfect answer for Manchester United. If those deals had been done already you can be sure that most United fans would be sleeping much easier right now.

LvG’s arrival definitely seems to have slowed Manchester United’s transfer activity. And we can only hope that the new boss has some superb cards up his sleeve if he is reportedly prepared to turn down the quality aforementioned. And if those ‘aces’ are several of the young Dutch players in his squad then we aren’t convinced by the their quality. Let’s see what they have got against Spain on Friday. That should separate the men from the boys.

We ask you Manchester United fans: would these three not be great signings and are you concerned by United’s inactivity in the market?