Chelsea: Another DONE DEAL?

Chelsea: Another DONE DEAL?


Chelsea are flying out of the traps in terms of their summer transfer business.

With one of the best strikers in Europe already in the bag, in terms of Diego Costa, Jose Mourinho seems to have turned his attention to midfielders.

It’s been all over the news this week that Gerard Pique let slip that his team mate in the Spanish national side, Cesc Fabregas, is apparently on his way to another club this summer. And all of the rumours point to Chelsea as that club.

With Frank Lampard leaving the club it looks as if this one is potentially in the bag. Talksport reported:

Cesc Fabregas has agreed a deal to join Chelsea, talkSPORT understands.

And even Jose Mourinho has confirmed their interest in a player who had a sparkling career in The Premier League before joining Barcelona.

Football Advisor

On the Spanish midfielder, Mourinho said: ‘We have some (interest in Fabregas). I have interest in analysing the situation.

‘It looks like he’s really interested in leaving Barcelona, and is very interested in coming back to England. This is clear.

It’s hard to see Fabregas not being a success at Chelsea. He can provide the ammunition for Chelsea’s flyers like Eden Hazard and Willian and also chip in with a decent amount of goals.

At 27 he’s in his camp but can also give Chelsea another five years of top service if he joins.

Let’s see the quality of the lad in action. Chelsea fans is this the guy to fill the hole left by Lampard?




  1. This is kind of player we wants in our team interms of creativity, he is a gud replacement for a legend Lampad and I hope he wear no B shirt next season

  2. In my own poit of view he a very good singning for chelseafc’ because he very good ball controle and also good passing ability.

  3. Is indeed one of the best deal. Love that. Kudos to Mourinho and sports, technical directors, Supremo ‘ROMAN ABROMOVIC’ .

  4. Chelsea football club is making great change with all this new players that will bring the club close to treble next season up Chelsea .

  5. Depends where we play him
    If he plays CDM and partners matic then that’s good but if he plays CAM Then he’s not worth signing
    If Jose wants another CAM then go for gotze or isco who are young talented and r both unhappy at clubs

  6. Yes,csc fabrigas,diego costa,filipo luise.thiago, can make the bluse challenge,real madrid,manchester city and even psg without any stress at all next season,so Dr mou the magician should sign them imidietly,forget lukaku let him go, let him go to were he can stand with the oponent defender and wait for a pass to finish the goal keeper, no chelsea don’t play that parten so we don’t need him.