Everton transfers: 11m Deal on the Table?

A Report in The Sun today suggests (via The Mirror) that Everton are looking to make the signing of Gareth Barry permanent. Nothing wrong with that at all that so far. Barry was one of the main catalysts for Everton’s success last season, putting in shift after shift of faultless composure in the midfield.

Even though he didn’t get that much playing time towards the end of his Manchester City career his time there clearly improved him as a player and, even at 33, he is a powerful and intelligent central midfielder – a real credit to Everton.

The thing that bothers us is the deal mentioned – 11 million squid!

Although the transfer fee would only be in the region of £2m an £11 million outlay for a player who is going to be 33 and a half years young by the start of next season is quite a financial investment in terms of wages.

There are of course exceptions to the rule. But by the time players hit 34 they are generally on the wane.

Gareth Barry may be able to go on longer at Everton because his role requires diligence and quality rather than pure athleticism in that holding midfield role.

If Barry can give three more years of service to the club and just sit gradually deeper and allow his passing to do the talking then he may well prove to be worth every penny.

We just hope that the potential Everton star can give as much for the next 2 or 3 seasons as he did in the one just passed.

Everton fans – worth the cash?