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Manchester United: 5 CRAZIEST summer transfer rumours PREDICTED before they happen


Craziest Rumours of the summer predicted

We all know that, amidst the substantial stories, there will be a lot of absolute nonsense written about potential transfers this summer. soccersweep has attempted to pre-empt the craziest Manchester United rumours of the window.

Yaya to take a de Toure? – He didn’t get enough birthday cakes from his club on his 31st and is apparently unhappy and wants to leave Manchester City. However questionable the personality of the player he’s undoubtedly one of the top five in The Premier league. Even at 31 he could do a job for any team in Europe so expect some Manchester United rumours, amidst the Barca speculation, on a quiet news day.

Ronaldo to swap Spain for Rain – There was apparently some substance to the rumours that suggested Ronaldo was interested in a move back to Manchester United last summer. But his new deal should have put an end to the gossip.

Nevertheless we are expecting some sensationalism this summer along the lines of him wanting a return to where he was happiest – Manchester United of course.

Chelsea Danger for Hazard!

The public outbursts from the player and his boss Jose Mourinho a couple of weeks ago suggested that things are far from harmonious between the two right now.

Hazard has since publicly repented but PSG are hovering and it won’t take long for some bright spark to put 2 and 2 together and get Hazard to Manchester United at the second time of asking.

RAM RAID! – goalscoring midfielders are like diamond dust these days and Aaron Ramsey has proven this season that he’s one of the best. But the idea that he will be the latest in a long line of players to leave Arsenal misses the point. With the stadium built and austerity measures long gone, Arsenal is no longer a selling club. But that won’t stop the rot!

OH BROTHER! – unfortunately for Liverpool fans, rumours will surely be rife throughout the summer about Suarez leaving the club. Real Madrid’s transfer policy seems very simple – identify the best player in the world and buy him every summer. If Suarez does give the slightest indication that he’s prepared to leave the club then expect a new raft of speculation with the suggestion that he might make the unthinkable move to Manchester United, a la Figo to Real, thrown in for good measure.

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